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Monday, 10 February 2014

What I wore today - Super Casual

Okay, so from the moment of conception I had always intended this blog to feature Outfit of the Day/ What I Wore posts, but that hasn't happened so far for various reasons. Poor weather getting in the way of taking photos outside, bad indoor lighting/space making that difficult and also being nervous to ask someone to take photos for me. 

But mainly, and far more than all the reasons above, it's because I've been scared and insecure about it. What if I look ridiculous? What if the photos are really bad - I can't really ask whatever poor sod I've roped into taking them to take more? What do I know about putting outfits together? And on, and on goes the 'fear chatter' in my head. But last night I reached a point where I just thought ENOUGH. You don't get good at something by not doing it, and you don't learn something by never trying it. So I asked Kenny (the boyfriend) and we took some photos. Was it a success? No, not really. I chose a really bizarre out of character outfit, my hair is up (which I never do), Kenny had never used that camera before and every facial expression I have in those shots is fearful, apprehensive or a kind of 'you're not holding the camera right dear, but I can't really give you a hard time' sort of pained expression. But you know what, at least I've taken the first steps. So here it is.

Necklace // New Look, was £6, no longer available (similar here)
T-shirt // Primark, simple boyfriend, shoud still be available
Cardigan // Tesco, very old, and no longer available
Jeans // H&M, £10, available here
Shoes // Black hi-top Converse, available here 

There was a time when I got all dressed up for going round to hang at Kenny's flat, but then (after several years of this) I slowly realised that the first thing I do when I get round there is put my PJs on. So now, it's a jeans and t-shirt effort most of the time - but still with a little makeup/style because I don't want to scare small children should we need to pop to the supermarket.

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