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Monday, 3 March 2014

Barry M Natural Glow Eyeshadow Palette

This was part of my naughty birthday Boots splurge, I've never heard anyone talk about these eyeshadow palettes before and frankly, it's a neutral palette so I was always going to end up buying it! I need to apologise here, I have managed to crack the mirror in mine (yes, did that after owning it for less than 24 hours... well done Kitty) so that might look a bit horrible in photos! Sorry!


I'm not impressed with the packaging of this at all; it seems really cheap and frankly, it's not very effective either. It's made of kinda plastic coated card and given how easily I cracked the mirror; it's not very sturdy. It fastens by magnet... but a very weak magnet, so that it falls open pretty easily. Not a big deal if you're just using it at home, but it makes me think twice about travelling with it.

What's Inside?

Inside are six eyeshadows (two shimmer and four sparkly), a blusher, a good sized mirror and two of those foam applicator things nobody uses. I was drawn to this palette not just because it's nude, but because I thought some of the colour offerings were a little different. I'm not really a sparkly eye make up kinda gal, but these seemed almost metallic rather than glittery and I thought that would look pretty cool.  Now the eyeshadows aren't named so I'm just going to number them one to six going left to right and talk about them that way.

One // The first colour is a sparkly/metallic pale pink (it goes on a lot paler than it looks in the palette). I don't normally do a lot of pink near my eyes but I like this one, it's kind of skin toned almost, but it just gives a lovely shimmer - it works well next to a highlight as a kind of transitional colour.

Two // Colour number two is a slightly pink toned faintly shimmey white that would of course, normally serve as the highlight of the set. I say "normally" because I actually found this one to be too poorly pigmented to do much at all.

Three // Three is a matte medium brown. It's a versatile colour that could work in the crease for a subtle day time look or, across the lid as part of a darker evening smokey look. I really like it.

Four // Now we get on to the colours that really attracted me. This one is a grey with gold glitter/shimmer running through it that is really pretty cool. The grey gives it some weight so it could really pack a punch, but the gold softens it enough so it can still be worn as part of a neutral look.

Five // This less dynamic but still very pretty; it's a copper toned gold that looks really metallic, but in a nice, non forced kinda way. It's a lovely warm colour that, to me, seems more suited to a day look than something more edgy.

Six // And finally the last of the bunch is a very dark chocolate brown with the same gold glitter running through it and that I love, basically for all the same reasons as I love "Four". This is so dark, but so flattering.

The blusher is a very pale candy pink colour; not the most pigmented, but certainly still wearable.

Put this here to try and show how crumbly they are, but it isn't really effective. You'll just have to trust me on this one.


Okay so, these are crumbly eyeshadows even with being careful to only take a little, and to tap the brush... there's still gonna be significant fallout. Now powder fallout isn't generally something I fuss about, it can be easily fluttered away with a clean brush, but the problem I have with this stuff is that the glitter sticks everwhere and cannot be easily brushed away, it's a bit frustrating.
In terms of pigmentation, I'd say these are pretty alright really, and I think they could be built up to be even more, I just haven't done that as it would risk further glitter fallout!


OK, so the initial glitter fallout that happens when you apply, that you then take time sorting... well don't bother because you'll immediately begin shedding glitter and continue to do so the whole time you have the stuff on! Maybe it wouldn't be so noticeable on a night out, but when I went into the bathroom in the middle of the day and saw my face was covered in gold glitter... to say I got a fright would be an understatement. In terms of the shadow staying put on your lids though,  think it does alright. I mean, yes, at the end of the day it was a little faded and a little creased, but not to comical or even really noticeable levels. I mean, I noticed it, but nobody was going to see it from a far and come tell me about it.


So overall, what do I think of this palette? It's a tough one. I'm glad I have it, because a couple of the colours are really different from anything I own, and they make some fun looks, but, would I repurchase? Maybe. The glitter sticking all over my face isn't much fun, for me anyway, I like to put makeup on in the morning and then not have to think about it too much, especially eye makeup, but I felt like with this I was kinda sorting it out everytime I went to the bathroom, which just isn't for me. It costs £6.50 in Boots (here) and I think it's probably middle of the line for that kinda price range; much, much better than E.L.F, but (and I know you'll already be sick of me saying this...) I'd rather pay the £1.50 extra and buy a Sleek Palette, any day. 
It's a good range of colours and some pretty unique offerings, I just wish they'd maybe have put in some more effort with the packaging (which really cheapens it) and the formula. 

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