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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Concealer Head to Head

*Ding Ding*
Welcome to another head to head battle, where this time around I'll be facing off two products that are heavyweights in their category: the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer (£4.19) and the Rimmel Match Perfection Illuminating Concealer (£5.99). Let the battle commence!

Packaging and Application

So, both of these come in very different kinds of packaging, the Collection concealer comes in a hard plastic tube and has a doe foot applicator while the Rimmel number is a squeezy tube with a brush applicator - to a large extent there is no 'best' in this category, just personal preference, but - seeing as this is my blog and all - I'll give you mine.
There's no doubt really that the Rimmel concealer looks nicer and more appealing sitting on the shelf - nice colour coordinated lid and writing, visibility as to what kind of applicator it is - it looks like it knows what it's doing. The Collection concealer on the other hand, as we all know, looks in a pretty sorry state after a little while; all the writing rubs off, or worse, just half rubs off and leaves the whole thing looking really grubby and unclean. Round One to Rimmel.

So the Rimmel concealer applies using a squeezy tube with a brush on the end of it - you give it a good squueze, and apply straight to your face. Sounds great. Except that it's really difficult to gauge how much product you've squuezed out as it all remains hidden amongst the brush hairs until you wipe it on to your face and then it's all too late. I also feel with this kind of applicator you can waste a lot of product; it gets all caught up in there and it never actually makes it to your skin - or that's how it seems anyway. The tube also isn't transparent, so you can't easily tell how much you have left, the only way to tell is by squeezing it and seeing how full it feels, but of course you can't really do that as it dispenses product into the brush, even if the lid is on.
The Collection concealer uses a far more basic applicator - you dip the stick in, pick up some product and swipe it onto your face. It's very easy to see and control how much you're applying, and the applicator also lends itself to a very even application. The downside is that the little doe foot doesn't reach right down to the bottle of the tube, so when it nears being empty, you have to kind of do some shaking and overnight upside down standing of it to get the last bits out. Round two to Collection.

 Formula and Wear 

 Rimmel on the Left, Collection on the Right

In terms of colour, both the shades I have (Collection in Fair and Rimmel in Ivory) are good matches for my skin tone, however the Rimmel is more yellow based and the Collection more pink and for me, pink is a much better suit, so that Round three goes to Collection.
The Rimmel concealer markets itself as being illuminating and I think it earns that title. When applied under the eyes it doesn't just hide darkness but replaces it with a healthy, bright glow - which is certainly a nice feature... except if you're also wanting to use it for applying to hide blemishes (which I do, I'm not carrying two concealers everywhere) - then it kinda draws attention to the area, rather than diverting it away. I also don't feel this provides full coverage - it helps with dark circles but they're still visible, on me at least. The plus side though, is that because the formula is so light it doesn't look cakey or settle into fine lines too much.
The Collection concealer doesn't offer any highlighting and illuminating frills, instead it sells itself on offering 16 hour coverage. Now, I can't say I've ever worn it for that length of time, but I have worn it on some long days and I would say that yes, it does hide the lovely bags under my eyes all day, without touch ups. It's a much heavier formula, it's a bit like paint or chalk actually - I just blend it in carefully with my finger (you do have to make sure you're worked it in well or it just sits on top of your skin and looks bad) and then there it stays until I remove it. No fancy tricks or oxygen formula but hey, no blemishes or dark circles. There is a little caking and settling, but nothing major or more importantly) noticeable to anyone standing a normal distance from you! Again a lot of this will just be preference, and of course, how dark the circles under your eyes are, but for me its Round four to Collection.


It actually was a close competition, both concealers certainly have their strengths and to be honest I like having both in my makeup bag, but at a push, I would have to chose the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer  as my one and only. Sure it can be a little heavy, a little flat and the packaging looks awful, but ultimately it gets the job done and it's pretty freaking durable.
Rimmel's offering does definitely feel like something extra, like something more than a concealer. It does illuminate and make my skin look healthier and happier, it does feel nice and light and doesn't look overly like I'm wearing concealer - but the downside of all these fancy doo-dads is that I feel along the way it kind of forgot what a concealer is meant to do and doesn't provide enough coverage to get the job done. I still use it on days where I'm just about the house, or going for a walk - where I want to take the edge off and be a little kinder to my skin but I still don't mind looking as though I do have some bags and imperfections, but a full shift at work, face to face with the public? Not a chance, unfortunately.

So that's my thoughts on the two concealers constantly fighting it out in my makeup bag for my attention. I'd love to hear your opinions and thoughts on these products, or any other concealers you like or hate! Thanks for reading,


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