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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Favourite Five: Bedside Table Miracle Workers

I'll admit to being about as lazy as it gets with a night time routine, for real, it's a disgrace - but one thing I find helps my chronic lazy-itis is keeping some gems right by my bed for last minute, half asleep application. In recent months I've amassed quite a few favourites but if I had to pick just five bedside products that are great at what they do, these would be the ones!

Soap and Glory Heel Genius - £5.50
I think a lot of people try and give their feet some lovin' before bed, and I'm no exception. I'm particularly fond of this one from Soap and Glory because it's more of a gel than a cream so I feel as though it sticks to your feet more and does the job that bit better. I don't actually love sensation of sleeping with wet feet in socks, but this one is distinctly less slimy feeling than most and frankly, it's worth the slight unpleasant sensation as it really is a softening genius.

The Body Shop Hemp Lip Protector - £4.00
I've written about this one before, in my Winter Battle Royale of Lip Balms, and at the time, I didn't love this because it leaves one heck of a residue and I didn't feel it did nearly as much as it promised too - The Body Shop's hemp range being geared towards super dry skin and all - but it turns out I was just using it all wrong, it's not really a lip balm, so much as it's like a lip treatment. Applying a nice thick layer  right before sleepy time will leave you with significantly repaired and softer lips come morning time.

Avon Sleep Therapy Pillow Spray - £4.50
So the link I found is, I think, for a slightly different product but, seeing as how mine's a little old, I think that it's just the updated version! Anyway, I've never been a huge fan of pillow sprays; I like fresh air and stuff when I sleep - I always worried strong perfumey smells would give me a headache, but fortunately this isn't an artificial perfumey scent. It smells very herbal and natural and while I smell it strongly when I first put my head down, it certainly doesn't overpower me through the night. I'd always thought these things were gimmicks, but since using this I've certainly been nodding off a lot more quickly and easily.

Aldi's Lacura Nourishing Hand Cream - 75p
This is actually my go-to hand cream for daytime too, but I don't see the point in using a different product for night time just for the sake of it; if it ain't broke, don't fix it. I love, love this stuff and not just because it's a bargain; if it was £10 a tube I would still use and recommend it as enthusiastically. It's moisturising and protective, which is fantastic, but it doesn't leave a horrible slimy, greasy feeling in the process - it's just the most well rounded hand cream I've ever come across.

Umberto Gianni Overnight Moisture Beauty Balm - £6.00
Another long time favourite product and one I've sung the praises of before too - a true bedisde table staple. With my hair being as frizzy curly as it is, it can get pretty dry, especially at the ends. I don't wash my hair too often as, while adding some conditioner might solve the current dry hair issue... in the longer term it's really bad for my hair and the natural oils in it and whatnot. So this is where this product jumps in to the rescue, I can apply it to the very ends and in the morning, BOOM, softer hair and no nasty residue in sight.

So those are my favourite bed side table products - I'd love to hear what yours are!



  1. I love Heel Genius, such a good foot cream :)

    Sian | Sian Marie Beauty

    1. It really is! I'm allergic of a lot of Soap and Glory stuff *sob* but I'm praying they never change anything to make me allergic to this too as I freaking love it! :)


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