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Saturday, 1 March 2014

The Honeymania Range from The Body Shop

So I like honey; I like the taste of it - in tea, in Ready Brek and even just the odd cheeky spoonful of it, but even more than I like the taste, I love the smell of it, so when The Body Shop launched their Honeymania range last year, I was pretty freaking excited and snapped up a few things.

The Honeymania Range from The Body Shop

Now, anyone who has used products from this range, will spot that I may have been slightly disappointed. Why, you ask? Well, they don't smell like honey which is frankly, a little odd and misleading... you know, unless you were sensible enough to read the tub before you bought them, but come on, I was in a frenzy, nobody reads in a frenzy. And to be honest, having read the tub now, I'm not convinced it makes it that clear anyway.

I mean if you think about The Body Shop, their mango body butter smells like...? Mango. Their coconut butter smells like...? Coconut. I mean, wouldn't it be odd if you picked up the Satsuma tub and took it home only to find it was actually Strawberry scented? But alas, I digress. What do they smell like? According to the website it's a 'rich floral scent' and yup, that pretty much hits the nail on the head. It's not a fresh, spring like floral smell, it's a proper full on kinda thing. I don't love it to be honest, but I don't hate it either.

The products are basically of the same quality as their other Body Shop equivalents - the butter is rich and moisturising and the shower gel is very gentle but still an effective cleanser, and the soap, well it does exactly what you would expect soap to do - so I won't go on (any more) about these products, but I want to talk a little about the other two.

The Honeymania Range lip balm

Firstly, the lip balm, now it comes in the same tub as their other lip products and so I expected it to be similar... but I don't think it is. For example, I love the grapefruit variety which is labelled a 'lip butter' which yeah I would say it is. It's thick and moisturising which s great but I prefer it more for putting on at night than using on the go.  The Honeymania version however, is bizarre. It's very thick and yes, it does moisturise, but I find it feels really greasy and kind of smears around off your lips and into your mouth... I just don't find using it a very pleasant experience.

The Honeymania Range Bubble Bath Melt

The Bubble Bath Melt on the other hand is a heavenly experience. In the tub it's a kind of super-thick liquid that's all pearly and beautiful, and then, once added to your bath it makes the most amazing bubbles. You know like in Disney films where there's just impossible amounts of bubbles? Well, that's the look this stuff is going for. It makes one heck of a luxurious bath. As an aside, it does irritate my skin mildly meaning I have to rinse if off after the bath, but that's obviously not an issue with the product, just with my freakishly unsettled skin.

So that's my thoughts on the majority of the products in the Honeymania range, nothing I would repurchase, but other than the lip balm, everything will be getting used up. As ever, thanks for reading and please feel free to leave any comments below!


  1. I would have thought they'd have smelt like honey too ! Xx

    1. Glad it's not just me that finds it confusing! x


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