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Monday, 24 March 2014

Lush Mothers Day Goodies - Mumkin Review

Woohoo, got my sticky little paws on a Mumkin and headed to the tub to test it out yesterday. Mumkin costs £2.95 and is available here, as part of the Mothers Day range at Lush. It smells, according to their website, like a fresh punnet of raspberries... and yeah, I think that's pretty accurate. Unlike The Body Shop's raspberry scented products that smell, basically, like jam, this has a strong, but less sugary scent. I really, really like it. 

I wasn't sure how much to use in one bath, so I started off with around a third of the Mumkin in a shallow bath and the results can be seen in the photo above; pretty decent amount of bubbles and a lovely, strong, but not unpleasant or overwhelming smell. After realising how gorgeous it smelled, I decided to whack some more in and have a deeper bath. In the end I think I used just over half, and this generated a pleasant amount of bubbles - it was about right for me, but definitely wasn't a huge amount so you'd definitely want to use the whole bar for a super special bath.

So in I climbed and I lay back, closed my eyes, inhaled the lovely smell and just chillaxed for five minutes. Then I opened my eyes... and there were no bubbles. I thought that was a bit odd, so I kinda swooshed about, but no... no bubbles. Now I know I only used half the bar or so, and so I was down with their being less bubbles, but none at all? Very strange. (After getting out to take the below photo lol) I lay there and still enjoyed the bath, the water goes a cute raspberry colour and it is a very cheery experience all round, but even so I was a little disappointed by the five minute bubbles. I haven't used every bubble bar from Lush bust I've used a few and this hasn't been an issue, I'd love to hear if others found it the same or if it was just me!

Taken literally about five minutes after the bath was run, and not a bubble in sight! Ultimately I love the smell and so I probably would still repurchase, but next time I guess I'd try the whole thing at once and see if that solves the vanishing bubbles dilemma!

Have you tried a Mumkin? What did you think? Did your bubbles hang around?

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