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Monday, 10 March 2014

Lush Secret Garden Bath Bomb

So tonight, while I had some down time, I ran a lovely hot bath (that actually ended up being too deep due to my complete lack of ability to judge hot and cold...) and decided to try out the first of the products I picked up (and showed you here) from the Mothers Day range at LUSH  - the Secret Garden Bath Bomb .

So,  not to repeat my initial post too much, I'll just recap a little before we dive into a review. This bath bomb costs £2.95 and it's one of the smaller bath bombs (the same size as a Butterball). It smells like roses, but not in the same way that Rose Queen does; this is more of a mixed floral smell - which is apt as, inside the green and pink bath bomb hides lovely flower petals; hence the name 'Secret Garden' I suppose!

So, how did I like it? Well, initially I wasn't too sure; I plonked it in the bath and it seemed to be turning the water a very unappealing earthy colour, yuck, but a quick swirl about of the water and that was quickly resolved and the water revealed itself to be a soft, forest green instead. Phew.

So this bath bomb is also part bubble bar, it doesn't make bubbles but it makes it take extra long to fizz, or in this case, foam away. Honestly, it must have been a good ten minutes it was floating about giving out water softening foam the whole time and releasing petals as it did so. Impressive, and it makes it really great if, like me, you find it really relaxing to watch bath bombs as they pootle about the tub.

As I mentioned earlier, I accidentally ran a bath much deeper than I usually would, and I worried, especially with Secret Garden being a smaller bath ballistic, that it wouldn't have a noticeable impact on the bath water. How wrong I was; this little gem packs a punch in terms of colouring the water, the amount of petals encased within and it smells really strongly too. I really enjoyed that it wasn't just one kind of flower in there too, it was like lying in a flower bed, but you know not dirty, or wet, and there's no chance of spiders, and the flowers are dead... but you know what I mean.

 That's a petal by the way... 'scuse the very red hand, I take my baths like lobster hot...

Although the bath water certainly felt lovely and soft while I was in there, I can't say it's left my skin feeling particularly soft, but then it hasn't irritated it either, so I guess that cancels itself out, and frankly, if I was looking for a softening bath bomb, I'd just head straight for Butterball - I wasn't looking for Secret Garden to do the same thing.  And the smell, while very strong in the tub, doesn't seem to have carried on my skin either which to be honest, doesn't bother me much as I tend to come straight out and apply body lotion anyway. And lastly, for those who can't stand the hassle; fear not, the petals drain away easily, there's no need to peel them off the tub and undo all the lovely relaxing bath you've just had battling with them!

So that's it from me, if you've tried this, or any other Mothers Day products out I'd love to hear from you in the comments below, or feel free just to say hi! Thanks for reading.

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