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Monday, 31 March 2014

March Favourites

March favourites already?!? Oh, alright then! So, this has been a bit of a weird month, favourites wise, a return to being a barista has changed up my day-to-day makeup products significantly, but rather than clog this post with all of them, I'll just cherry pick a few and possibly write a 'barista beauty' post in the future. I've also not had a great month with my hair, it's been acting really out of character and I'm seriously feeling the frustration with it now, so expect that category to be a little void!

Cadbury's Chocolate with Ritz
The Cadbury's product I've literally been waiting my whole life for. I think it could stand to be a little saltier, if I'm honest, but it's freaking amazing. And seriously addictive... seriously. There's a reason I've had to photograph an empty wrapper here *blush*.

Bourjois Rouge Edition in 03 (Peche Cosy)
There's something about coral that just signals Spring for me, maybe because it's just so different from anything I wear in winter? Who knows. This is my new every day lipstick, I'm truly in love. It's my first from this range and I'm really loving the formula the packaging and the durability... I don't love the colour range, but maybe I need to swatch more...

BourjoisCream Blush in 02 (Healthy Glow)
I bought this after I saw the amazing Kate from gh0stparties talking about it! It has re-awakened my love for cream blushers (a dangerous thing to do). It's a great formula, it's super easy to apply and it blends out so, so nicely; even, natural looking and cheerful too - 'Healthy Glow' really is the perfect name for this colour.

Models Own Speckled Egg Nail Varnish in Duck
Blue was an odd choice for me out of this range, it's not a colour a wear hugely often on my nails, but there was just something about it. I'm glad I chose it as it's a fantastic shade; not nearly as pastel as I had thought it might be, but I mean that in a good way. I don't think the formula of this is perfect (full review to come) but it is nevertheless adorable and it makes me smile whenever I'm wearing it.

LUSH Karma Soap
Far from a new product, this is an old favourite revisited. It's by far my favourite scent of all time from LUSH but I restrain myself from using it continuously in case I sicken myself of it (I doubt that's possible but better safe than sorry!). It's the perfect mix of citrus without being sharp and warm without being stuffy - so fresh, it's perfect for morning showers.

Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Dark Chocolate and Mint Lip Balm (wordy name much?!)
I love Palmers cocoa butter body lotion so I have no idea why it's taken me so long to get my hands on this... oh yeah, it's 'cos I need a new lip balm like I need a hole in the head, that's right. Still, I'm so glad I got this; it's very moisturising and while it may sit a little oily on my lips initially, that soon fades and it does a wonderful job. Also, for anyone wondering, the specific mint chocolate taste it has is like Matchmakers - yum!!

Boots Essentials Fragrance Free Eye-makeup Remover Pads
OK, so these are odd and I don't think they'll suit everyone, but they're really working for me. They're oily, which is a little odd (and caused a little panic on the first use as I thought I had picked up a Quickies nail varnish remover pad instead... eek.) and it does leave some oil (like a lot) on the skin, so I would only use them before then using a cleanser all over my face. I find it easier, and less irritating to take my eye makeup off with these first and then use my proper cleanser - it's quicker too as these pads cut through even waterproof mascara in seconds.

And so that's about it for my favourites this month, not the most exciting month (again), but I'm looking forward to doing my Barista Beauty post - are any of you baristas?  or if not, what have your favourites been from March?

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