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Saturday, 8 March 2014

Model Co Party Proof Lipstick Trio - Neutrals

I mentioned here in my February haul that I bought these with Birchbox points I had accumulated - I chose them because they're advertised as being "ultra long lasting" and also, because it seemed like a good trio of neutral shades to have.The three shades are From Dusk Till Dawn, Kitty and Get Naked. All three are matte finishes.


I really like the packaging of these, white is a bit unusual (always good when rummaging through your collection in a rush) and I really like that the writing on the tube is colour coded; as in it matches the shade that's in it. Genius! The only thing I don't like is the labels on the bottom are just stickers, which looks kinda cheap. But that's nit picking really.

What are the colours like?

Left to Right// Dusk Till Dawn, Kitty, Get Naked
Dusk Till Dawn // This is the darkest of the three,  It's like a nude brown with orange undertones - that's the worst description ever, but hey that's why we do swatches.

Kitty // a more pinky pink; candy coloured and very girly. It looks more vibrant on a swatch than it seems to look on my lips; it really does end up with a 'your lips but better' kinda look.

Get Naked // This is my least favourite of the three; it's a pale peach colour and it's just not the right shade for me at all. It's very yellow based and it just looks like I've wiped concealor all over my lips.

Application and Formula

Well, like I said, I bought these because the ultra long lasting aspect appealed to me, so right off I just want to say; they're really not.. but I still like them. They're very, very soft (which means I'll probably go through them quite quickly) and they apply super smoothly even to my lips which are certainly drier than they should be at the moment. Due to them being so soft/pigmented it really is one sweep and you're done, which makes them great for shoving in a handbag for emergencies (well, I mean "oh god, everyone at this meal is a lot more formal than me" emergencies clearly, not like genuine emergencies. Though I suppose a good lippy can never hurt...). Also, and I'm aware that lots of people probably don't care about this, but they smell/taste AMAZING. The best I've ever encountered, by far. It's kinda fruity and I just love applying them for this reason!


So yeah, these do not stay put terribly well at all, well they do pretty alright if left alone, but if you want to eat or drink anything? Nah, they're not going to hold up. I don't know if it's because the formula is so soft? Anyway, the good news is when they do fade, they do it with dignity, it's a pretty even fade, so you don't end up with the Queen Amidala look or anything else equally strange!


So these lipsticks did not live up to the reason I bought them, but, they do so much else so well that I don't think I'd trade off those features. They apply so quickly, so smoothly (and so yummily) and the matte finish they give is super flattering that it's easy to forgive the slightly less than desirable wear time. Ultimately the question that it always comes down to, is would I repurchase? Yes and no. This exact trio, I would not repurchase; the peach colour is just far too unflattering, but I would certainly try others from this brand and with the same formula. There's actually the 'classics' trio here, that I'm already considering. Each trio costs £15.50, which is really quite cheap for three lipsticks and so yeah, overall I'm happy with these products and I'd recommend having a swatch for yourself if you come across them.

Thanks for reading, and feel free to leave any comments below!

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