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Monday, 17 March 2014

Mothers Day at LUSH - The Mum Bubble Wand

Bath time again people! Woop woop... well no, not all together we wouldn't fit for a start and frankly that's probably the least of the issues with that scenario anyway. But for me, the other night it was relaxing bath time again..... *aaaaaaahhhhhh*. Seeing as how my mum is not a LUSH fan I'm tragically having to test out the products from the Mothers Day line myself, the hassle that it is.

So, after thoroughly enjoying the Secret Garden bath bomb a few days ago, this time I was trying out one of the bubble wands from the range; The Mum. It's scented like Honey I Washed the Kids soap, which - for normal non Lush fanatic people who don't have the catalogue memorised- smells like honey caramel. Yum. It's a sweet smell, but not sickly - hard to explain (especially with my skills), but trust me it's awesome.

After one use, so it's held up pretty well.

I remarked in my original haul post that at £5.25 I would have hoped to get a few good used out of it as it sells for quite a bit more than the 'standard' bubble bars, like my beloved Karma bubble bar (which sells for £3.25) and I can get two uses from that. I've used it once, and I think I'll probably get two more uses from it, which seems pretty reasonable to me.

So,  I prefer the holding it under the tap method as you know, it looks more magical *blush*, I'm not even joking, but my tip would be to have the sandwich bag/tub or whatever you're planning to store it in in your other hand (unless you too are holding a camera...) as you're holding it under the tap because this thing drips and it drips messily!

 I was pleased with the amount of bubbles and the changing of the bath water colour that this produced, the bath was pretty much jammed full of bubbles and the bath water was turned a lovely golden yellow. As usual, I would say the bath water felt soft and luxurious lying in it but it didn't seem to have any effect on my skin after I left the tub - no irritation though which is great.

Ultimately this is probably not something I would buy for myself on a regular basis (just as well as it's a limited edition anyway...). It's not as good value (for me) as the 'normal' bubble bars. That being said, I think as a gift (or maybe in a Mothers' Day pamper hamper or something...) it looks adorable much more special than the 'normal' bubble bars. Honey I Washed the Kids is one of my all time favourite Lush scents, and so I would buy this again if they re-released it next year without a doubt, it just won't become a staple for me. The Mum bubble wand is available here for £5.25.


  1. Woah, look at all them bubbles and you hardly used any product. Great review :)

    Sian | Sian Marie Beauty

    1. Thank you!
      Yes I am loving this one, have already used it again and it still looks like there's loads to go!! :)


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