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Sunday, 9 March 2014

Nails Inc - Baker Street

So, longer term readers of the blog will know that before Christmas I treated myself to the Nails Inc Polish Diary for 2014 - 12 nail polishes, one for each month, for photos, see here - and I've also been very good and not touching them until the calendar says it's time to use them, so of course, now, it's time for March!

March's offering is Baker Street, a fantastic almost electric blue that heralds the coming of spring at the top of it's little liquid lungs (that phrase came out more disgusting than I pictured it in my head). That being said, I don't mean to imply it's a garish colour, no far from it Baker Street is a wonderfully sophisticated shade that manages to be both bold and flattering - something not a lot of bright colours do on my super pale skin tone.It really is a fantastic jump into Spring/Summer colours, something I'll admit I've been super slow to do this year - have you seen the weather people?!? - so I guess I needed a push. 

Quality wise, it's of the same high standard as you'd come to expect from all Nails Inc polishes;  smooth application and great wearability. Coats wise, you'll want two - it's a strong colour and after one coat, yeah, you could get away with it, but it wouldn't do it justice; it deserves to be loud, proud and noticeable.

So yeah, overall (in case you couldn't guess) this nail polish is a winner for me. Like I said, I've shied away so far from more colourful colours (fantastic vocabulary there) this season and so I didn't expect to love this as much as I did, but honestly, after I applied it and sat back to look, it was like a sigh of relief rushed through me.... aaaaaaah, Spring at last. I also didn't expect to like it 'on me' as much as I do: bright hues, especially blues can be harsh on my already corpse like hands, but this colour, although intense, has soft undertones that make it much more wearable than many of the more neon shades available on the High Street. So, although this isn't what I would have picked off a shelf as my Spring colour, now it's definitely going to be a seasonal fixture for me.

Have you tried it? Do you loooooove it too? What polishes are you loving for Spring this year?

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