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Friday, 28 March 2014

Nails Inc Haul!

Well, I don't know how many of you got the email from Nails Inc a couple of weeks ago offering a choice of three collections for only £20 each? Yeah, those were some gorgeous polishes and I for one couldn't resist.  I chose the Sugar Rush collection as I felt it was the most seasonally appropriate and diverse, but actually all three choices were gorgeous and I had a hard time picking!

Kensington Square - A lovely pastel pink polish, so girly and fit for Spring.
Mayfair - An iridescent white polish, probably my least favourite from the collection, but I suspect my mind might change once I've seen it on my fingertips!

Royal Botanical Gardens - A mint polish that I would say is slightly darker than a true pastel, and a little warmer too. It's gorgeous and a colour that will go with a lot of my outfits.
Hyde Park Corner -  A lilac with dusky, grey undertones, by far my favourite from the bunch! It's so different from anything I already own; so chic and yet, still Spring appropriate.

Sweets Way - A sprinkles polish that I really didn't expect to like. I thought it was a topcoat (which I'm generally too lazy for) and also that it was a bit of a gimmick, but it's actually an opaque polish and a more unique effect than I had expected. I think it would look gorgeous as an accent nail.
Kensington Park Gardens - A peach polish that again is slightly darker than a true pastel, but I like it, it makes it far more flattering on my pale skin.

Bury Walk - An iridescent grey that's two tone (though my photo isn't doing it much justice). In some lights it looks grey and in others there's bronze shimmer visible. A nice addition to my collection.
Ebury Square Gardens - A pastel blue, very sweet and cheery looking and again, something my collection was lacking. Although blue isn't my most worn colour (by far) I feel probably most drawn to wearing this one!

 So that was my little Nails Inc bargain! Did you snap one up too? What's your favourite polish from this collection, or from Nails Inc in general?


  1. Oh wow what a gorgeous collection! Good choice :) I love the sprinkles one the best xx

    1. Yeah normally the Sprinkles wouldn't be my thing, but I've worn them as an accent nail and actually they're super cute! xxx


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