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Saturday, 29 March 2014

New Look Haul!

So, earlier in the month I drew up some serious plans. Some serious Spring shopping plans (check that alliteration... boom). I did the same thing for the January sales a couple of months ago (duh, 'cos now it's March) and I was amazed at how much better it made me at not buying random tops I'll never wear, or nail varnish I already own, it made me feel much less guilty about shopping because I knew I was buying things I needed, and in turn I shopped less because I filled wardrobe voids that otherwise cause the dreaded "I have nothing to wear" syndrome. Win, win all round really. So yeah, I decided that making seasonal wish/shopping lists is a thing I do now - I will be organised and sensible and calm.... well, I've been trying anyway.

So yeah, I placed this New Look order to try and tick off some of the items on my list, now technically speaking, I bought nine things and only two of which was actually on the initial list, but really, I mean, it was a 60% off sale - short of eating my own debit card (which wouldn't even work as I have all the info memorised) there was no way I was going to just buy one thing. So let's actually start this post (300 words in...) and take a look at my 'haul'.

Oh, also a couple of notes before we proceed. One, the reason there's two group photos is that technically I did put in a second order a couple of days after the first arrived (I loved everything and got the shopping fever) and I got impatient waiting to photograph the first set, so yeah, two separate sessions and therefore photos. Two, I set up a kinda photo station in my room to make it less of a chore to take shots for on here. Initially I had thought it would only work for makeup and little bits, but then thought hey, I'll try it with clothes. Looking at these photos it's pretty clear that I was right the first time; this set up does not work for clothes, but let's roll with it just this one time.

Left the stickers on to remind me of the price, £5, but now realise that looks pretty awful. Still, good intentions and all. So I bought these technically not in an order, but when I went in to collect an order (well, I was walking to the till point anyway...) as I just thought they were super cute. I live in boots, like year round, and I'm getting a little sick of it - I want to try and look a bit more feminine and delicate, and, OK, I do say this every Spring, but dammit I mean it this year! They're from the teen range as I have very small narrow feet, so these fit much better - and hey, they're cheaper. Bonus. They're pointed toed which should be flattering on my short petite stature, and I know they're not the most Springish colour, but it's a colour I wear a lot and can easily work into my wardrobe.

So this a 3/4 sleeved swing dress thingie - it's pretty basic, but you could really dress it up or down which is a nice versatility to have in a piece. It's not the greatest fit on me ever, I think it looks fine, but even being a size 10 it's a little tight across my boobs which I do find off putting when it comes to actually wearing something (rather than just twirling about in front of the mirror while wearing it for five minutes), however, it's just such a nice shape and I can see so much potential in it that I kept it anyway: time will tell how much I actually wear it. It was £6 in the sale though, so not a huge loss if I decide it's just too uncomfortable and rehome it.

The second dress I bought, also cost £6 in the sale and was something I had actually been eyeing up for a while when it was full price. Now, I may have mentioned that due to continuous rewatching of Buffy the Vampire Slayer that I am a bit 90's obsessed and for some reason this screamed 90's to me. I actually thought it was a dress with the t-shirt attached but in fact, they're totally separate. Now, remember how the last dress was a bit tight across the chest in a size 10, well, of course this one is the same size, but the opposite problem - a little loose at the chest/shoulders. Sigh. I haven't actually really tried this on much, just the one time when I realised it wasn't as perfect as I hoped it was and discarded it huffily. Must try it again...

I also bought a belt for £1, because you know...belts are useful for protecting ones' dignity from breezes and staring. Yes, how difficult life would be without the simple belt. Again, I liked the colour of this and I was well overdue buying one, my current belt is more than a little tatty.

So this is again from the teen section - it cost £4, it's in a size 14-15, and it fits my boobs fine. Go figure. I should have actually taken a close up too, but in case you can't really tell it's a deep blue with an adorable little fox print all over it.I have a couple of these style blouses from New Look and I love them - they look great either just with a little strap top under them and some skinny jeans, or worn with a cute sweater over them and just the collar peeking through. If I'm ever away for a couple of nights I almost always pack one as there's just so many looks you can make with them.

So, if you read the original Wishlist post, you may already be aware but in case you didn't - this was actually one of the pieces that was on there. It's again from the teen section, cost £8 and is a size 14-15. Now, depending on where you live you might be thinking, "how is this Spring wear", but trust me, where I live you'd be bold to go out wearing this without a coat in Spring. It's quite a thick knit,  but it has a little detailing on the front that stops it looking too boxy and plus, the colour is really cheerful and definitely more in line with Spring than Winter. It fits well though it's a little shorter at the front than I expected - I'm not sure if that's how it's made or if it's boob related but either way, it looks fine. I'm actually wearing this as I type just now (strange coincidence not really good planning) and it's super snuggly and comfy with not even a hint of itchiness, woohoo.

And this was the second jumper I bought, this one's from the adult section, cost £10 and I got it in a size 10 too - and I'm glad I did, I don't like knitwear to be tight and it would have been in an 8. Again, I thought the purple colour was brighter and more seasonally appropriate than what I've been wearing recently and it has some cute detailing on the arms that'll stop me looking too bulky and ill put together when I wear it... well that's the plan anyway.

 Then there's two little cami tops which I thought would be great for Spring. They were both reduced from £12 to £5 as well... bargain! I actually thought they were the same top but in a different print when I ordered them, they're not, and the daisy one isn't a great fit, but I'll get enough wear out of it for it to be worth a fiver.

And lastly, there's some little leather boots. I bought these as the good pair I got for Christmas are already looking worse for the wear... I am ridiculously rough on shoes for some unknown reason. Sigh. These are from the teens section so they're narrower than adult shoes and they fit my little feet all the better - although black boots might not scream summer, I love the look of them with floral dresses. Yeah, that's totally Spring.

So there you have it, my Spring haul from New Look. Would love to say I've been a good girl since but that would be a lie, keep your eyes out for more hauls coming here soon! Have you been Spring Shopping?

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