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Friday, 21 March 2014

Nude and Neutral

So before I let my nails truly burst into the candy pastels of Spring and the bold neons of Summer, I've been spending this odd seasonal-limbo (trust me, in Scotland, it's still winter) enjoy neutral and nude nails. Understated, simple, chic and flattering - as well as being very on trend for SS14. Some of my selections here probably push the 'neutral' idea a bit, but I felt including them balanced the whole set and shows opportunity for slightly more out there 'neutrals' that could be used as accent nails or similar.

Maybelline Forever Strong in Rosy Sand is a slightly pink toned medium brown, that actually looks more neutral on the nails than it does in the bottle, I promise! I'm not the biggest fan of this range of polishes, despite their claims, I don't find them to be super long lasting, however this colour has been desirable enough to make me ignore that fact!

 NYC Color in a Minute, Park Avenue is a cool, almost slightly mushroomy toned brown. Given the price point for polishes from this range (£1.79 each) I'm always pleasantly surprised by the durability and the colours too - they're, and this one is no exception, a little more than you'd initially expect. I find this colour very flattering on my nails, I think the cool tones help my pale skin look more alive in comparison.

 Headline Colours in Quicksand . This is actually the only polish I've tried from this brand and I hadn't heard from them at all prior to receiving this in a Love Me Beauty Box. It's a fantastic polish; good quality and a very wearable and versatile colour. It's a cool brown with purple under tones; it looks great with a more casual ensemble, but also sleek enough for wearing to work etc.

Barry M Matte Nail Paint, Caramel. This actually isn't the most flattering colour for my skin tone if I'm honest, but I fell so in love with it in store that I just had to bring it home with me! It is, as is kinda given away by the name, a caramel coloured polish with a matte finish. Shocker. It is a gorgeous colour though, maybe suited to those less Casper like.

Barry M Matte Nail Paint, Vanilla. 
Well if Caramel doesn't suit me brilliantly, Vanilla more than certainly makes up for it - this has shot up in my estimations and has become my favourite nude polish of all time. (Well, for now anwyay... you know how it is). It's very pale, but has pink/purple undertones and being so cool in hue it makes my flesh look less so - definitely a desirable effect when you're as pale as I am and live somewhere so cold your hands regularly go blue anyway.

  Jess Nail Polish, Harmony. Bit of a surprise entry here I think as Jess is a range of nail polishes stocked in the UK exclusively by... Poundland. Yup. I saw them one day with my sister and we were both too curious to pass them by. I grabbed Harmony and was pleasantly surprised. It's a metallic/foil effect polish, that OK maybe pushes "neutral" a bit, but it's such a lovely finish that I had to include it. It applies and wears just as well as many drugstore brands.

Rimmel 60 Seconds, Desert Beauty. So as you can probably tell by how beat up it is, my bottle of this is far from new, and to be honest I don't know if it's available any more! Sorry. I've linked to the range on Boots, but there's no sign of it. Anyway, this is a lovely pearl finish; again maybe not a typical neutral shade, but definitely a more wearably nude colour if you're into pearly stuff. I'm generally not actually, but a) I freaking love the brushes on the 60 second range and b) love throwing this on (it's a one coat wonder) if I'm in a rush and just need something on my nails.

Nails Inc Foil Polish, Kings Road. Mine is actually a mini bottle from the Best Dressed Nails collection I bought around Christmas time - it's by far the most wearable polish from the range! It's a very pale rose gold (though quite a cold one) and it is almost like a "your nails but better"... if that could exist in a foil effect. I realise I'm probably not selling this very well, but c'mon, it's Nails Inc... what reassurance do you need of its awesomeness!?

And so that's it for me and the nude/neutral polishes I've been rocking of late - I'd love to hear what you'd add to (or remove from) my collection!

Thanks for reading, Kitty.


  1. I love nude and natural nails, my favourite has to be the Nails Inc Porchester Square polish, it's such a stunning neutral! xx

    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. Ah yes, the famous Porchester Square - it's been on my to buy list for a long time, but (having never seen it in real life) I always chicken out and remove it from my order at the last minute, I just have this bizarre fear that it'll be the wrong shade for my skin tone and I'll be crushed by the disappointment! Thanks for reading and commenting :)


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