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Friday, 7 March 2014

LUSH Mothers Day 2014

Now, anyone who has read even a single post on this blog will know about my deep and never ending love for LUSH products; when I die my heaven will be Disney World, but where every shop is actually a LUSH store. Ahhh..
Anyway, my mother as it turns out, does not like LUSH products. At all. I think she likes the smell of the Wiccy Magic Muscles Massage Bar, bought one and never used it, but other than that, I can't even get her to set foot in the shop. What's that? Am I adopted? It would seem so, wouldn't it.

So when I announced the other morning at breakfast that the LUSH Mothers Day collection was now available, mum's response was a bellowing, echoing, unwavering, NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOO. Well, that's me told. However in the interest of research for you, dear blog reader, and not in any way because "me wants", I purchased a choice couple of items from the range to try them out. I know, I am a selfless gal.

LUSH Mothers Day 2014

I purchased just two items (as I already had another little LUSH haul recently.... sssshhh) and I chose the Secret Garden bath bomb and The Mum bubble wand, I actually meant to buy a Mumkin too, but must have forgotten to put it in my basket *sad face*.

 The Mum - £5.25

First up we have The Mum bubble wand. This is my first experience with one of these wands and I have to say, initial first impressions are that compared to the bubble bars, it seems small for the money. I know the bubble wands are reusable, but I always manage a couple of baths from a bubble bar so it remains to be seen in this will last longer and be worth the little bit extra. That being said, as a gift this would be so, so cute and it definitely looks more 'special' than a bubble bar, so that's a big plus. Also, this is scented like the amazing "Honey I washed the Kids" soap which is one of my all time favouties, so I was definitely going to buy this, no matter the size or style!

Secret Garden - £2.95

This is such a little cutie, it's the size of the smaller bombs (like Butterball) but the fragrance certainly seems to pack a punch! It smells like roses (which I love) but there's a rich and varied, myriad of scents that accompany it too - fresh flowers and general sping-ish scents. Am I blowing you away with my technical language here? It feels girly, but not in a sickly sweet way - it seems like an adorable little treat to put in with a Mothers Day gift, but hey, what do I know - I have zero experience with LUSH based Mother's Day gifts.
I'll be reviewing these in the next couple of weeks, while they're still available in store. I wouldn't want to totally draw you in with my awesome writing, descriptive and photography skills and them not have them available to buy for you - I couldn't be so cruel. 
I'm still hoping to get my paws on a Mumkin - Jenna if you're reading this, fancy getting me a Mumkin? Love yoooooouuuu - so if I manage to, I'll have that to review also.

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