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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Fashion Wishlist for Spring 2014

New Season, new wishlist - I do love some window shopping and wishlist making! That being said, Spring is probably the season I enjoy shopping for least; it's like the season of false promises... if you live in Scotland anyway. The blogosphere is filled with lookbooks featuring people is short sleeves and every ad campaign running seems to be telling us to brighten our hair, makeup and wardrobe but you know what, here in Scotland it is still very much winter; it is dark, wet, windy and freezing and it's going to stay that way for a while! So while I am more than ready to welcome some colour and cheer into my wardrobe, I think I'll put the blazers and sandals on hold for a little while! 

1. Primark coral camisole with lace detail £6.00 // Although it would need to be worn under a jumper for the foreseeable future, I think it'd be nice to venture into the world of sleevelessness once more. This is  a super cute colour for daytime spring, but at the same time the black lace gives it a dressier edge meaning you can dress it up if you want to.

2. A pastel toned statement necklace // I've put a picture of a Primark one in, but I'm not sure if it's the one I'll go for. I loooove me a statement necklace and so I thought, what better way to cheer up an outfit - without making myself freezing - than adding a nice statement pastel pop? Let the hunt commence...

3. White polka dot shirt from H&M  - £9.99// I love this white on white polka dot look, such a subtle way to work some pattern into an outfit, and let's face it, shirts are great either as a top layer or underneath something else with just the collar out. Win, win.

4. Primark bright heels - £12 // Again, I have a Primark pair shown here, and that's probably what I'll go for since I don't want to spend loads and find out I never wear them. I just thought it'd really liven up an all black outfit, not that I ever wear those *cough*.

5. Skinny jeans from H&M  £19.99 // Desperately need some new blue denim, something simple and wearable though; no crazy cuts, washes or effects. Will go for a lighter denim than I'd choose for the winter. H&M jeans fit me brilliantly and last well so I feel it's a pretty safe bet getting them from there.

6. Primark bright handbag £8.00 // Again, it'll be a Primark job as it remains to be seen how much I'd wear it - but I saw this yellow one and just thought it was so cheery and cute, and again - I'll look Spring appropriate, without having to sacrifice 'weather appropriate'.

7. New Look (teens) Fisherman knit jumper - in the sale for £8.00 // Depending on where you live you might be looking at this and thinking "how is this not winter wear?!" but trust me, the way things are in Scotland I'd have to wear this and several layers on top of it. Yeah, welcome to Spring. Again though, I thought the colour was a bit more fresh and a step away from the greys and blacks of winter.

8. Converse Allstar Low-tops - £27 // I've owned several pairs of hi-tops over the years, and back in my teen years, I lived in them, but I've never owned low-tops and basically I want them 'cos they're pretty. This colour is in the sale at ASOS now too, but is it the right colour for me?! There's so many options now! 

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