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Friday, 11 April 2014

Anna Sui Eye Colour Palette

This was a total impulse buy, a blogger (can't remember who now) posted about the sale ASOS was having and what a good price this palette was; five minutes later it was in my basket and I was checking out. I hadn't ever tried makeup from Anna Sui - though my all time favourite fragrance is Anna Sui Secret Wish - and I couldn't really find many/any reviews on this thing so my curiosity was piqued and my expectations pretty high; especially given it's original price £26 price tag. 

First impressions were that, while the packaging is the flimsy cardboard/magnet set-up I don't love; the actual designs on the packaging are totally gorgeous, very unique and creates a kind of personality for the makeup that lies within.

On opening it you can see there's no mirror, which I thought was a bit odd, but not really of a huge consequence to me as I don't do eyeshadow 'on the go' that much anyway. There is a double ended application tool - one end is a brush and the other is a foam applicator, which I suppose is an interesting way to go about it. One thing that makes the palette look so cheap, is that if you remove the brush there's just 'naked' (untreated, unpainted) card underneath! Nasty.

The range of colours is pretty good, though I suppose it's a personal thing, but I guess what I'm saying is for me; it's a good and wearable mix. They are unfortunately not named, so to talk about them, I'll go along the top row (L-R) and then the bottom (L-R).

One: A very sparkly slightly off white colour clearly designed to be a brow bone and inner corner highlighter. It's potentially a little sparkly for me to wear every day but would be great for an evening or such.

Two: A shimmery tan colour that works well as a wash over the lid.

Three: A much less shimmery, though still far from matte, rose pink. I don't wear a huge amount of pink personally, but this is a good accessible colour if you're looking to work some into your look. I would say the pigmentation is weaker than the others here.

Four: A more cool toned, almost opalescent brown. Something a bit different and it certainly adds a lot to a neutral eye look, again, I just wish it wasn't quite as glittery.

Five: A metallic bronze that's highly pigmented and very chic. Great worked into the crease with colour number Two over the lid.

Swatches of the five on the top row, one to five, left to right:

Six:  Similar to colour number Five but with a lot more glitter and more orange tones throughout, I haven't worn this one much as I prefer the close alternative without all the sparkle.

Seven: A metallic, cool toned rose pink. Very well pigmented.

Eight: A rather sparkly chocolate hued brown, again looks great in the crease, but for me, just too much glitter to be used everyday.

Nine: A deep khaki colour with gold glitter throughout. This one, for me anyway, seems to go on a little patchy, and I've tried using several different brushes. Again, ignoring the glitter excess, this is a lovely shade and a nice addition to a kind of neutral palette, especially for me - someone who loves green.

Ten: A very dark blue, or possibly even black with silver glitter. The pigmentation on this is impressive and it blends out well meaning it's more wearable than blacks might often be.

Swatches from the bottom row, six to ten, bottom to top:

So that's a run through of the colours, generally speaking I think the pigmentation is freaking impressive, it's just a shame about all the glitter which gets everywhere. There is another thing about this palette though, that wasn't listed in the item description when I bought it, but the eyeshadows are in fact scented. Yup.

I would imagine, based on the rose themed packaging that they are supposed to be rose scented, but to me it smells more like Turkish Delight - not that that's a complaint, I love Turkish Delight! When I first worked out they were scented I thought it was a pretty cool novelty and didn't think it would really impact anything... I was wrong. It irritates my eyes. Now I can't say for certain it's the perfume that's doing it, but, I've never really had an issue with eyeshadows, until I now use a scented one, so logic says that might be connected. It doesn't break me out in a rash or cause any pain, it just makes my eyes a little itchy and causes them to water - not to ridiculous levels, but at the same time, it's not pleasant.

I'm glad I bought this palette to try it out, and some of the colours are lovely, but to be honest, had I paid full price for it, I think I'd have been disappointed. While the pigmentation is good the glitter fallout, weird perfume eye sensitivity and the fact that the colours fade quite fast on the lid detract from the 'high score' significantly. Would I recommend it? That's a tough one. I guess it comes down to whether or not the perfume would give you an allergic reaction, which unfortunately I suppose you won't know until you use it...

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