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Saturday, 19 April 2014

April Birchbox - Good Enough to Eat

Firstly, for anyone following the saga that is my Birchbox delivery experiences, this month the wonderful couriers opted to deliver to a neighbour and not bother to tell us they'd done that, leading to one very peed off neighbour bringing the box across to us several days later. Thanks Birchbox.

Bad delivery aside though, this is one cracker of a box. This month's 'theme' was Good Enough to Eat, and, while I don't really care about my box having a 'theme', they certainly put together some great ingredients this month. (See what I did there?)

First up I received a 0.57g sample of Pie from The Balm's How 'Bout Them Apples Lip and Cheek Stain Palette. I had actually been toying with ordering the full palette (£26), and getting to play with this one was a great way to help me make my mind up. Plus, tiny topless cowboy... um, yes.

Also I received a 0.6g sample of the Lord & Berry Couture Kohl Eye Pencil in Black. Lord & Berry make one of my absolute favourite lipsticks and so I'm happy to get to try something else from the brand, and maybe this isn't the most exciting product in the world, but it's a staple and at least black is a colour that most people will use.

Then there's the 7ml bottle of Color Club Gala's Gems Nail Polish in Gold Struck. This month, for the first time I'm aware of anyway, subscribers were sent an email allowing them to log onto the Birchbox site and choose their nail colour from four choices - I like this, I mean you're still trying new brands and products, you're just having the ability to ensure the colour that arrives is actually wearable.

And a 25g sample of the Laura Mercier Body Souffle. Birchbox seem to do a lot with this brand which is A-OK with me as I've like every product from them that I've tried! Also, it's kind of nice to break up a more makeup based box, with a little addition like this.

And then we have a 10-wipe travel pack of the Yes to Cucumbers Soothing Hypoallergenic Facial Towelettes. Have to say, I'm pretty psyched about getting these as there's been a lot of hype about them, at least on lots of the blogs I follow, and, while I wish I was a committed hot cloth cleanser-er, there's always going to be nights where I'm in bed before I remember I still have makeup on. I'm hoping these will be as gentle and soothing as they promise to be!

And lastly, this month's little lifestyle sample is an 8g bag of Fiery Worcester Sauce and Sun Dried Tomato Propercorn. A new brand to me, though I've seen them about (when did fancy popcorn become a thing?! I literally can't buy bags of salted popcorn in my local Sainsburys now because the shelves are filled with mad, modern flavours - if it ain't broke don't fix it people!!).

So that's this month's box then. You may remember that last month I gave my Birchbox a less than glowing reveiw... to say the least, but I really feel they're back on track this month with a more cohesive box and while obviously I'm a little biased as these products appeal much more to me - I do feel that they're genuinely more likely to please a wider range of folks than what we got last month. 

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