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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Easter at Lush

You know, I thought the Mothers Day collection at Lush was really awesome this year, I loved the three products I chose to try out, but even so, I think the Easter collection is even better! How I managed to only buy three products I'll never know... it must have been the one day a year I have self restraint *sigh* what rotten luck.

First up I chose the Golden Egg bath bomb - apologies for photographing it in the plastic bag, but I'm too scared to take it out!! That glitter is going to go everywhere. It smells like Honey I Washed the Kids (So, honey and toffee for those who don't obsessively shop at Lush) and is a bit of a genius twist on the traditional bath bomb. The outer layer (well, under the dense layer of glitter) is actually a bath melt; you drop it in the bath and this layer slowly melts away and the egg sinks down, then, once the shell of bath melt has gone - leaving your water nice and soft - up pops the egg and it begins fizzing away. Really looking forward to giving this one a whirl!

Next we have Fluffy Egg - a super cute bath bomb scented like the glorious Snow Fairy (which only appears at Christmas time). I was sad to finish my bottle of the magical elixir shower gel, and so I was super thrilled to discover this in store! It's a slightly smaller bath bomb to match the smaller price tag, but in my experience, that doesn't stop them from pulling off big things!

And the last product I chose was Brightside. It's a bubble bar that was part of the range and much loved last Easter, but sadly, did not stick around. This year however fans are in for a treat as it's no longer a limited edition item, woohoo. It has a smell to rival that of my favourite, Karma, - it's scented with tangerine oil - and it smells uh-mazing. Not like a manufactured, plasticy orange scent, no this smells exactly like the real deal. So happy this one is sticking around! It costs £4.50 but is a really good size, hoping to get a couple of baths from the one bar.

And so that's what I chose from the Lush Easter collection this year, I'd love to hear what you chose, or any reviews you may have on the products. Thanks for reading!

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