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Sunday, 6 April 2014

Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb from LUSH

Oh yeah, had a sneaky middle of the day bath woop woop - no you won't be able to tell from the photos because even though it was about half three in the afternoon, it was raining so hard it was like night time outside, so the lights were switched on. But yeah, is there anything nicer than that naughty feeling of running the bath in the middle of the day, when you're off work and nobody's home and you're just lying there, reading a magazine and feeling like a lady of leisure... until you hear the cat throw up and start crying. #FML

So, after cleaning up some cat vomit and cuddling said cat (while she grins smugly knowing what she's just made you do...) I immediately sat down, well after scrubbing my hands, but then I sat down straight away to write this so it'd be as accurate and as freshly remembered as poss.

So let's start with the facts (before we move on to the incoherent squee-ing I pass off as writing). Fluffy Egg is available from Lush as part of their Easter range - not a shock revelation there I'm sure. It costs £2.95 and will probably be a big hit with people because it smells like... *drum rolls*.. Snow Fairy! Yeah that's right, it's like Christmas has come in March.

So it's an egg shaped bomb, always a cute novelty and it's probably smaller than a big bath bomb, but bigger than a small one - though that's probably not the official units of measurement. It's candy pink in colour and promises to do the same to your water.. we'll see...

Yup there it goes! First thing to note about this bath bomb is that it fizzes away fast. Generally I place a bomb in, take the necessary shots, ditch my camera in my room, grab my towel and head back... if I had done this with the Fluffy Egg bomb, it would have been gone entirely on my return. I think the whole thing had fizzed away in about 25 seconds. Now that's not necessarily a bad thing, though I'll admit I rather enjoy watching them jet about the tub, so I probably prefer the ones that stick around a little longer. The second thing about this bath bomb is it turns the water pink. And no, I don't mean you have pink tinged bath water, I mean it looks like you are lying in some kind of Barbie pink coloured magical potion... It. Was. Awesome.  I thought the intensity of the colour was impressive, and I'm a grown woman, I can only imagine how much I'd have loved it as a child.

The Snow Fairy scent is strong too, not in a sickening way but it certainly fills the room and sticks to your skin, which I happen to really like; it means you walk around afterwards feeling all pampered and relaxed. One downside for me was that it did irritate my skin a little - I got back in the shower and had a good rinse, but even then it was a bit itchy. Now, I do have really picky, sensitive skin, so don't take my reaction as a reason to avoid it unless your skin is similarly sensitive. To be honest, I'd probably still buy it again because Snow Fairy smells so awesome and the water is so purdy - but I'd make sure to wash and rinse really well afterwards in the shower. I think this would be an adorable alternative to an Easter egg for someone as well - I know when we were kids we got like 20 and they almost all went in the bin, this however, would have been very exciting to play with.

Next up I'll be trying out the Golden Egg Bath Melt/Bomb hybrid so watch out for that review coming in the next week or so!

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