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Monday, 14 April 2014

Fruit Salad

I love Spring (when it finally shows its face in Scotland). Lambs in the fields, flowers popping up everywhere and there's always the urge to clean out rooms and sort out diets - heavy roasts and stews begin to be replaced by salads and fruity desserts and I suppose that's where this selection of nail varnishes is inspired from. Neither pastels nor neons, this assortment hovers somewhere in the middle evoking happiness, juiciness and a true feeling that Spring is here. 

Left to Right:

Revlon's Passion Fruit is a deliciously scented pink/purple colour that's girly and bold in all the right measures. While OK, it's maybe not a dead ringer for the colour of passion fruit skin, it definitely has a fruity feel to it. I like the quality of Revlon polishes and this one is no exception; although it takes three coats, it's an otherwise hassle free and smooth application and they stay on my nails pretty well.

 Banana Split from Models Own is another wonderfully scented creation - I love artificial banana scents, and this smells just like those yummy foam bananas you used to get in Pick 'n' Mix's! This one did take three coats, but totally worth it my opinion for the lovely wearable yellow you end up with - not that common a feeling for me with yellow polishes! 

 Bounce from Topshop is a beautiful and original orange colour - it's not a harsh neon but actually a wonderfully mid toned, warm shade that's very flattering on my pale skin, while still evoking that fruity feeling! It's deeper than a peach, but not by much - I think this photo makes it look darker on the nail than it is. This took two coats and wore very well.

Let's face it, I could pretty much have bundled up the entire Gelly range from Barry M if I wanted to talk about fruity colours; this range is full of gems, but, in the interest in diversity I managed to restrain myself and chose just two of the more original colours. This is Watermelon, which is, as I mentioned, from the Barry M Gelly Collection. Not my favourite formula of all time, I find it a little thick, but very worth it for the pay off  - a very impressive colour and finish for the £3.99 price tag. Watermelon is a deep greeny blue reminiscent of... you know... a watermelon.

Representing strawberries and other pink fruits (despite how orange the photo looks *sigh*) we have Instyle Coral from the Rimmel 60 Seconds range. I LOVE, love, love the brushes on these polishes, easily my all time favourites; so thick they coat everything at once (well one nail at a time, otherwise that would be kinda messy...) and they apply so evenly too. You could get away with one coat here, but I usually do two just to make it a bit more intense.

And lastly we have Key Lime from the Barry M Gelly Collection a beautiful, bold, citrousy colour that really brightens up your nails. Same comments about the formula as I mentioned above, but honestly, looking at this colour just makes me smile; totally worth the slightly difficult application.

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