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Sunday, 20 April 2014

Happy Easter!

Truthfully I had grand visions for Easter on the blog, my very first Easter after all. I had planned to have baking posts and craft posts, photos galore and a true theme to the blog for the whole weekend, but then, shockingly enough, life got in the way - and no I don't just mean I got distracted eating all those Easter eggs!!!

Overall, with how busy work has been lately and how (thanks to a silly commute time) greatly my time at home has been reduced, I feel I've done well not to miss a post or two altogether so I shan't beat myself up about the lack of an Easter Egg-stravaganza (oh yeah, I went there).

There have been a Easter related postings over the past few weeks, I reviewed the Brightside Bubble Bar and the Fluffy Egg from Lush's Easter Limited Editions and I also checked out (and fell in love with) the Speckled Eggs polishes from Models Own - I hope you enjoy these posts and find them egg-citing (OK, I'm done, I swear!)

For now, I'm trying to squeeze in a little sunshine and time with my cats and cram in some more Easter egg before I have to head out to work for the day - I hope you're all having a wonderful long weekend whatever you're doing with it.

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