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Sunday, 13 April 2014

Lush Brightside Bubble Bar

 Oh look at that action shot, yeah that's how we start a post, BOOM. (Just try and ignore the visible Primark hair band and the fact the lense is almost entirely steamed up... K?) So this is the Brightside Bubble Bar from LUSH that has relaunched as part of the Easter range, after being super popular last year. The even better news is that it is no longer a limited edition item and will live on as a full time part of the LUSH range - can I have a Hallelujah?!

This is a big ol' bubble bar, and for £4.50, that;s what you'd expect I guess. Look at that I even painted my nails to match it, what a pro. Just kidding of course, it was pure coincidence, doubt I will ever be that organised... would it even be a good thing to paint ones' nails to match the product one's reviewing?! Probs not. The smell of Brightside blows me away, I actually have it sat next to me so I can sniff it occasionally as I write this, you know... for inspiration... not because that's just something I do. It smells like tangerines, or clementines, or oranges... I don't know, I don't eat them, but one of those kinda fruits. And, do you know the Satsuma range from The Body Shop with that nice but very artificial scent? Well Brightside is nothing like that. Brightside smells like freshly squeezed, sweet OJ. I can't even describe how fresh it smells. It smells like someone has just peeled a satsuma and handed it to you to sniff..... because that's something people do. OK, I give up, just trust me and have a sniff next time you visit your local LUSH.

With it being a big bar I was hoping to get three baths from it, but, being a total chancer, I decided to start off with a quarter and see what happened - I fully expected to add more, but I really didn't need to. Now I'll admit I probably don't take the deepest or longest baths ever, but for me, this produced plenty enough bubbles.

The photo above is actually distorting things a little, it's making the water look a kind of muddy orange, but in reality it's a very fresh, bright colour. It makes the water the same colour as it smells... if you get me. And speaking (again) of that smell... wow. When you're lying in there is so wonderfully strong, but in a transporting, relaxing way, not in a "hurts your nostrils kinda way". It didn't irritate my skin and unlike the odd vanishing bubbles problem I had with Mumkin recently, these bubbles stayed put and stayed plentiful. I never thought I would say this, honestly, but I think this is my new favourite bubble bar... move over Karma!

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