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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Lush Haul

You'd think that having stocked up on lots of limited edition goodies from the Easter and Mothers Day ranges at LUSH recently, that I'd have been able to resist picking up any of the 'normal' products. Of course, I can only assume if you thought this, that you have in fact never met me. It's so difficult, I mean you're putting in an order anyway for Easter stuff, I mean, if you're paying postage you might as well pick up a couple of other things too... right guys?

First up I chose the Twilight bath bomb (£3.25). In a recent bath bomb related post I asked my readers what their favourite was and this one emerged as being a gem. Since buying it and smelling its sweet Lavendary goodness I'm amazed I haven't tried it sooner! 

Makes bubbles, check. Has a stinkin' cute rosebud on it, check. Smells amazing, check. It wasn't a difficult decision to pick up the Amadapondo bubble bar (£2.75) - in fact it was easier to decide to buy it than it is to say the name of the darned thing!  This has quite an unusual smell - it's a mixture of a very rich rose fragrance, which is soft and relaxing, but then there's lemon oil in there too which gives it a sharp and refreshing edge.

Another product that I've meant to pick up for the longest time and have just never gotten round to this is the Dream Steam toner tab (£2.50). What I love about this is that it's rose scented, no, no what I love is that it's another fun step in a pamper evening, no, no, what I really love is that it's a toner designed for dry/sensitive skin so rather than opening your pores and using something more harsh like tea tree to deeply cleanse, this toner opens your pores and then infuses your skin with rejuvenating natural oils.

I picked up another Hottie massage bar (£5.75) too - this isn't a new product for me, in fact I think this will be the third time I've purchased it, but I just can't imagine being without it! It has a really unusual smell that I'm not sure how to describe, the Lush website tells me it's vanilla but I think you can smell a lot of the black pepper and ginger coming through too. Overall I guess the smell is 'warming' and when you have a good rub with this it makes you feel kind of glowing and revived - very nice on sore leg muscles after a day of being on your feet at work!

And the last product I chose is the King of Skin solid body butter (£5.50). I just thought this is such a great idea for a product; it's a solid bar that you apply in the shower and then rinse off before you get out - meaning no more standing about all slimy and naked in your room waiting for your lotion to dry so you can get dressed! It has quite a soft/subtle smell of bananas, but mixed in with kind of milky, buttery scents - I haven't made that sound appealing, but trust me it's nice!

And that's it for (another) LUSH haul from me - there's such a huge range of products available, it's difficult to choose, so please share with my your favourites so I can try them out!

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