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Friday, 18 April 2014

Models Own Speckled Eggs - in Duck, Magpie and Dove

How cute are these new polishes from Models Own?! I actually only purchased Duck - thinking they'd be a gimmick - and my sister bought Dove and Magpie. But I was wrong. I thought these were the kind of thing you'd wear once at Easter and be done with, and while I do think there's a seasonality to them, they're also far from being a cheap trick.

Firstly the range of colours, of which we are missing two (Goose - a yellow and Swan - a purple) are gorgeous. Dove, the pink is less baby pink and more natural looking than we would have expected, Magpie, a little more out there and Duck is not the pastel blue I would have expected, but instead a more bold and bright number. I think they chose the colours well, and I'd be thrilled to own and wear any of them!

Application wise, they're great, but not perfect. The polish isn't too gloopy to go on, which is a common problem with glitter polishes - which of course, is what these are essentially, though it's easily forgotten when the glitter is so matte. I used three coats with Duck, not necessarily because it wasn't opaque after two, but more trying to get the speckles placed evenly, as you can see from the photos, the nails where the speckles are more uneven and there are different sizes visible look much more effective than those nails that just look kinda spotty. Maybe with a little more practice I'll be better at this, but for now, it is a bit of an annoyance.

They wear really well, as I find to be the norm with Models Own polishes - they don't chip too easily, and that's saying something given how enormously clumsy I am. Removing them is a chore, like I said, it is glitter polish and it will rip your little Bourjois remover sponge to shreds! (I've learned that one the hard way!) Overall though the slight concentration required for application and the annoyance of removal is not enough to detract from these lovely Springtime polishes: they're cheery, a bit different and certainly a specific 'look' but at the same time they're very wearable and don't look forced or out of place on your nails.

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