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Saturday, 12 April 2014

More Boots Haulin'

What can I say except that I am weak and powerless against a 3 for 2 beauty offer, frankly the only thing that stopped me buying more was that my local store was starting to run out of a lot of stock due to, I assume, the popularity of the offers. Also, those of you who are observant may have noticed that there are 10 items in the photo above (which clearly, is not taking good advantage of a 3 for 2) but actually I bought twelve, two items just aren't here because they were for other people, because I'm so generous like that. This haul is actually from a few weeks ago now, when the offer was still running, but I've shopped so much lately *blush*, that I've been trying to space the haul posts out a bit...

 Collection Lasting Perfection Conealer in Fair // £4.19
 First up, we'll get this outta the way because it's less than exciting - I bought a new tube of my preferred concealer which, like pretty much every person who writes a beauty blog, is the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, mine is of course in 'Fair' and it is a good match for my paler than white complexion. I won't harp on about this seeing as how I recently did so (extensively) in a concealer head to head, but just to reaffirm that it is amazing. Durable, great coverage and easy application.

Rimmel Stay Matte Primer // £5.99
OK, so I'm not a million percent sure why this one got picked up. I think I was panicked over my return to work as a barista and the havoc that having steam blown in your face all day can wreak on your makeup (which trust me, I remembered the hard way) and I was grasping for ways to improve things. I haven't used it, and to be honest I don't have much primer experience, so the levels of success I may have with this remains to be seen. I shall report back I'm sure.

Collection Work the Colour Nude Eyeshadow Palette // £3.99
So I had heard a couple of big bloggers talk this up recently and despite my often skeptical outlook on budget eyeshadow palettes, they had convinced me to pick this up on a recent trip. I have to say, initial thoughts are that I'm impressed - not with every colour, there are a couple of duds in there - but overall, it's a sweet buy for the price tag. I'll definitely have swatches and a review to follow once I've tried out some more looks with it, but so far yeah, it's good.

Barry M Lip Paint in 53 // £4.49
I actually found and swatched this one night as I was wandering around my local Tesco waiting for Kenny to decide on a flavour of milkshake or something similar and it was love at first sight. For me and the lipstick I mean, not Kenny and the milkshake - he takes that decision seriously. It's a kinda pink coral colour that has a very pretty shimmer to it - it looks almost glossy when swatched on my arm, but it goes on the lips with much more of a glimmer than a full blown gloss (which is a good thing in my books). I feel like it's quite a bold colour, but also that it'll look great for Spring.

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Water Proof Kohl Liner in Taupe and Nude // £3.99 each
Again, I have heard so many blogger rave about these that I thought I'd give them a try as it would be convenient if I loved them too - they're much cheaper and easier to locate and buy than my current chosen brand, Urban Decay. I decided to get a couple to give me a better overview, as sometimes there's one product in a range that just doesn't do the whole thing justice. The nude was a certain choice before I even walked in the store - nude liners are so useful and flattering and I've been without one for too long, but the second choice was more difficult. I actually had the purple in my hand for quite some time before deciding that if the point of this was to honestly try and wear/get a feel for these pencils I'd be better picking up one I'll actually wear - and so taupe it was.

Barry M Silk Nail Paint in Blossom // £3.99
I purchased (and featured in a haul) the purple from this range - Purple Heather - already, but honestly, I just love it so, so much that I had to pick up another from the range. I was pretty tempted by most of them but in the end this super girly and pretty little pink just couldn't be passed up. And OK, so technically with this new barista job comes not being able to wear nail varnish to work, but hey, I can just sit them on a shelf and admire them.... right...?

Bourjois Volume Clubbing Waterproof Mascara // £7.99
I think I've spoken about this before, but this is my all time favourite waterproof mascara. It does, not, budge. It doesn't irritate my eyes much either - which can be kinda a serious issue with me and waterproof formulas. I picked it up, again because my return to being a barista - my first shift was kinda short notice and I forgot to make appropriate makeup changes... I looked a raccoon that had been badly beaten up by the end of the shift, not pretty.

Bourjois Little Round Pot Cream Blush in Healthy Glow // £7.99
I've heard this get some praise from blogger recently (I think Kate at Gh0stparties?) and since I was on the hunt for a new cream blush, and a good coral blush, this seemed to be the perfect option. I generally really like Bourjois products, and while I've only worn it a handful of times so far, I think it's safe to say this doesn't disappoint. It's a lovely colour which does, as the name suggests, give you a healthy glow - even though it is initially a little scary and bold before you blend it in!

Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick in Peche Cosy // £7.99
The selection of the above blusher had left me on a coral hunt, and this lipstick while being paler than a true coral, just blew my mind. Not so long ago, I wouldn't have picked this up to swatch let alone walked out of the store with it, but actually it really suits me. It's fresh and bright and great for Spring, but it's also pretty subtle and wearable even to work. I don't know if I've worn much else since I bought it to be honest!

And so that's it for another haul... I feel relatively safe in saying that that'll be my last Boots one for a while, but then you never know - there are a few good launches coming up so I guess I shouldn't make any promises I can't keep. I feel a little guilty when I look back at all the Boots stuff I've hauled in the last month or so, but on the other hand I do feel well prepared for the coming season and I'm excited to try out and review for you guys all these new products!

Have you splurged in the Boots 3 for 2? Are there any products I've mentioned here that you'd particularly like to see a review on?

Thanks for reading and please feel free to leave any comments below!




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