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Thursday, 24 April 2014

NOTD: Electric

Another polish I picked up from Poundland from the Revlon Top Speed range, Electric is like an artificial banana colour. The bold colour is softened by very fine white shimmer running through it which I hoped might make it look a bit less stark on my pale skin tone.... not so much. I'm just too pale for this one though I do like the colour, it's certainly a bit different from most yellow polishes out there.

Formula wise I had a bit of a battle with this one; it seemed a bit dry and gloopy to me, which is not my usual experience with polishes from the Revlon Top Speed range, even the ones I bought from Poundland, so maybe it's this particular polish has some issues, maybe the bottle is old stock... or maybe I was just not in the zone with nail painting. This last theory is somewhat supported by the fact I've just come to the sudden realisation that I did not use a basecoat underneath here meaning by the time I take the stuff off for work tomorrow my fingers'll be so yellow I'll look like I smoke 60 a day. Fab.

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