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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Primark Haul

Ah Primark, where would I be without you... well, significantly better off and never having experienced the anguish of a carrier bag disintegrating three seconds after you leave the shop. The Primark 'round here' is actually pretty small, which is weird because when it opened maybe 8 years ago and we all flocked in after school, we thought it was huge, but compared to other stores, this one's like a cupboard. I was however, up in Glasgow and went for a browse in Argyle Street store - foolishly I entered without huskies, emergency flares and a ration kit, so it's a wonder I ever found my way back out alive. Needless to say, the expedition was worth the risk and I found some goodies that will most likely never make an appearance at the local branch.

Let's get this party started ... with a toiletry bag. Yeah, par-tay. OK so probably not the most exciting purchase ever, but where would you be without one? Well, since me being without one is what prompted this purchase, I'll tell you - you'll be forced to pack your hairspray and toothpaste in a regular, non toiletry specific bag *gasp*, the horror! Still, it's a nice thing to have and it helps me feel less organised when I'm away over night. It cost £4.00.

Absolutely love this bag despite having concerns over how quickly I'll manage to dirty that white strap! It cost, I think (I've lost the tag) £8. I wanted a bag with a bit of colour for Spring, but I don't feel I'm quite ready to commit to a full on fuschia number or similar, so I thought this was a great compromise - and super chic too. Love the textured/colour contrast of the grey section on the front - nice detail that makes it look far more expensive than it is!

I am a HUGE Alice in Wonderland fan - some #ThrowbackThursday I'll share photos from my Mad Hatter's Teaparty themed 18th Birthday party - and there was no way I could walk past these, especially for only £2.50... though admittedly I can't envision myself ever wearing them! I've never seen anyone wear these kind of printed socks - would love to see how to style them as right now I plan to just use them as a room decoration, which is more than a bit odd frankly!

I had been hunting everywhere for a pastel statement necklace; New Look, H&M, Tophsop and River Island produced nothing, Forever 21 had a few 'meh' ones and Zara had one but it cost rather more than I was willing to pay, so I had almost given up hope before coming acros this one in Primark for £6.00. It's perfect and, while it might look kinda massive in the photos, it actually sits really nicely, even on my rather petite (short) frame.

  And lastly I picked up a couple of t-shirts - 'cause that's something I need *rolls eyes at self*. I grabbed a boyfriend kinda t-shirt in pale green. I absolutely love these from Primark - they wash and wear really well and they're just so brilliantly versatile; you can dress 'em up with a statement necklace, skinnies and heels, or rock them with denim shorts and Converse for a more chilled vibe. They're also a bargain at £4.00 each. And then, yes, I seem to have bought a top with flamingos all over it. Now, it's not that I don't like it ('cos I do) but why did I buy it? Of all the tops in there, why this one? My rational is that it was a hot, sunny day (the first and last I've seen this year) and so I was drawn to something bright and Summery... are flamingos a Summer thing? Yes, definitely one of the weirder £5.00s I've ever spent, but I'm sure I will wear it, if nothing else it'll be great for my holidays.

And so that's everything I bought, well no, I actually bought some pants with Bambi on them (best pants ever!!) but after showing them to my family - while wearing them - I'm starting to get the impression that maybe people just aren't that interested in my amazing Bambi briefs so you'll be glad to hear I'm sparing you any photos of those! 

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  1. Love love love! I have the necklace and my mum bought me the same bag from Manchester Selfridge's Primark for my Birthday !! I am a HUGE Alice in Wonderland fan too and I neeeeed those socks ha ha! I also need the flamingo top too! xx


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