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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

The Body Shop Spring Haul

I don't know about you guys but my skin gets dry in the winter, all of it, and like, seriously. I spend all of the winter months applying lotion after cream, oil after butter, souffle after mist like some crazy person in an effort to avoid it becoming so dry I get outta bed one morning to find my skin still lying in the sheets after me having shed it like some kinda snake creature. Legit concerns people. 

But then, after months of endless coddling, and rubbing, and coaxing and nurturing, Spring comes. I start wearing short PJs in the house, I maybe feel bold and wear a three quarter sleeve outside (Don't try this at home fellow Scottish people, is not responsible for any death, injury or emotional trauma that ensues if you do) and I get a better look at my skin, because it's not dark 19 hours a day. And something snaps. 

I see all of a sudden that I've been far too soft with my skin; too gentle and too patient in my care. I want baby soft, glowing skin and I want it now. Enough with these moisturisers and soothers, sometimes tough love is needed! And so, as every year, I have gone online to The Body Shop and ordered up some punishment body scrubs to try and sort myself out quickly before... well I don't know before what (Summer in Scotland, are you serious?!), Spring just fills me with a sense of urgency about the whole thing.

This year I actually purchased three exfoliants; the Pink Grapefruit Body Scrub (£12.50), the Coconut Body Scrub (£12.50), and the Satsuma Body Polish (£10.00) - clearly I'm not overly happy with the state of my skin! The two scrubs are classic stuff from The Body Shop, I've used them for years and chose two scents that seemed more Spring appropriate that some of the others I favour. The body polish is new to me, and I haven't used it yet, but it seems like a more gentle way to break myself back into the harsh world of exfoliation. Expect a full review on that one soon.

I also picked up a couple of other things... there was a sale (isn't there always...). I grabbed a Coconut Body Butter (£13.00) again, a product I use a lot, but I like to repurchase when they're on offer and I picked up the Aloe Lip Care (£5.00) after hearing the amazing Essiebutton talk about how awesome it is. I'm planning to keep it by my bed for some late night lip lovin' (could that have sounded any dirtier?), and again, I'd expect to be doing a full review on this in a few weeks.

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