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Friday, 4 April 2014

Topshop Makeup Haul - My Very First!

Let's just be up front here and start this off by saying; I am not a fan of Topshop clothing. I know that makes me a strange and mythical creature like the Yeti or a tanned Scottish person, but it's the truth. In my early teens when I'd head 'into town' with friends we always visited Topshop and, on several occasions I bought overly priced pants, t shirts bras, skirts and goodness knows what else - I found that nothing lasted a reasonable length of time. Instead, after a couple of washes it would emerge faded, stretched and in a state that would render it thrown out by my mother.

Over the years I have dabbled now and then, typically when there's been a sale or I've had time to kill while waiting for a bus. I've almost always regretted it. But makeup, well that's a whole other kettle of kippers isn't it. Again, like the clothing it's raved about, and like the clothing hype, I might come to disagree entirely,  but ultimately I could be cutting off my nose to spite my face and missing out on some quality stuff, so I decided to plunge in to the world of Topshop makeup and try some products out.

After loading and unloading my online basket about 7,341 times (my local store has a terrible range of stuff) I eventually turned to someone close to me for some advice... yeah, my boyfriend. Despite having no knowledge of or interest in makeup, he's surprisingly brilliant at helping me shop it usually goes like this:

Kenny: Oh right, what are you buying today?
Me: Just a couple of things, I'm not even that interested, I just feel kind of obligated to get to know the brand... you know, for the blog...
Kenny: Right, well, you probably only need one lipstick, not three to get to know the formula then right?
Me: Well, no, I mean, yes, but it's not about that, it's... it's ... but Keeeeennnnnnyyy they're so pretty I need them ALL

And then he raises his eyebrow for longer than should be humanly possible while I gush and squee and whine and justify the whole thing. And then he suggests a better idea. every time. I guess men find it easier to apply logic and common sense to the whole thing since they don't get caught up in finding the perfect shade of coral blush, or worry about whether one pink lip will make them look sassier than the other. Men have it so easy.

Anyway, once we had emptied and refilled my basket for time number 483,232 we concluded that a) we shouldn't shop together unless Kenny has coffee or alcohol to hand and b) I should buy the Best of Topshop Makeup Kit. It was a little more than what I had wanted to spend, but it was also better value versus buying items separately, and it would give a good overview of the brand which was, after all, what I was wanting.

I had my order shipped to store, and when I got it home (despite no visible damage to the outer packaging) the case thing was ripped badly; what you can see in the photo and also right up the back too. It's a bit gutting as it does detract from the prettiness of the set, but ultimately I couldn't deal with the hassle of a return and reorder - especially since the way the hard plastic inside is (stupidly) placed inside, it means it would likely happen again.

And here's what's inside the kit! A glow pot in Polished, cream blush in Head over Heels, kohl pencil in Coal, 3D curve mascara, smokey eye palette in Tuxedo and lipstick in Innocent. I also separately picked up two nail varnishes (below) in Bounce and ???? as I know people love the polishes...

The glow pot was one of the things I was always going to buy - I've been on the hunt for a good Spring highlighter and this cream version appealed to me. Initial thoughts are that it is a very soft consistency, and as you can probably tell from the photo above, I went in a little harsh for my initial swatch (photos below)!

Then this is the cream blush in Head over Heels, which actually is not the one I would have chosen. I've been loving the coral creme blusher from Bourjois recently, but kinda feel one creme coral blush might be enough for me. I had my eye on Afternoon Tea from Topshop, but hey, there's always next time. 

I haven't tried out the kohl pencil or the mascara yet and so there isn't a whole lot for me to say at this point. They're both black and the mascara has a fibre wand that looks promising. At first swatch the liner seems really pigmented, but it also seemed to smudge away easily so I have concerns over its durability.

The eye palette in Tuxedo is rather gorgeous to be honest. A beautiful range of wearable colours housed in a palette that is substantial enough to be good value, but small enough to still be portable. The colours seem really pigmented and seemed to blend together really well... maybe too well?

And lastly we have the lipstick in Innocent, not the colour I would have chosen, but a very wearable and pleasant colour all the same. I haven't worn it 'properly' but I gave it a little shot while hanging round the house and I like what I see.

And lastly here are some swatches. First on the left we have the highlighter, Polished. It applies looking pretty freaking intense, had a bit of a hand flapping eek moment, but it blends in very nicely and I feel it sits well with my skin tone. Next up there's the lipstick in Innocent, which is a nice Spring pink - bold enough to cheer up an outfit on a rainy day, but mellow to still be easily wearable. And lastly we have the blusher in Head Over Heels which looks crazy dark here, but I swear it doesn't in real life (which is odd, as I'd say the photo is a good representation of the other two... mysterious). It's a different shade from the Bourjois number I've been using so I needn't have worried about that, this one has more red tones to it, which I have to say, I rather enjoy.

So that's my first experience dipping my toes into the world of Topshop makeup - some photos and initial thoughts. I doubt I'll remember to review every product, but certainly those that stand out (positively or negatively) will no doubt be trotted out before you again.


  1. how much was this set?xx

    1. Hello!
      I've just looked on the Topshop website and they don't have it listed there, but, from checking my emails; the set cost £40 - which I thought seemed pretty good. :)
      Thanks for reading


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