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Friday, 25 April 2014

Urban Decay Glide On Eyeliner VS. Bourjous Clubbing Eyeliner

In the short time my blog has been in existence there are a few things that have firmly been established;

1) I am bad at remembering to use Instagram
2) I pray every day for Baby Lips to be made in more colours
and 3) I am an Urban Decay uber-fan.

It may come as a surprise then that I would even consider another eyeliner when the 24/7 Glide On Eyeliner's from Urban Decay are beloved not just be me, but by the blog world over. Alas, the £14 price tag does render them a little outwith my budget though - given the rate I go through black eyeliner (a little emo kid still lives inside me)!

Urban Decay liners come in a rainbow of colours, including multiple blacks. Here though, I'm using Perversion as an example as it's the closest to the Bourjois liner - a non shimmery black. I don't want to harp on (for like the millionth time) about the awesomeness of Urban Decay liners, so let me just recap a little.

1. Perversion is black. I mean BLACK. no building up required, no lack of satisfaction, just one sweep and boom, you're good.

2. They stay workable for a few seconds after application allowing smudging and smouldering to take place.

3. They don't fade or crease or run... once you apply it, good luck removing it.

So really for me, it's the price and lack of local availability that lets them down - neither of which are actually the fault of the product, clearly.

Now, the Bourjois Contour Clubbing liner is £4.99, for a 1.2g pencil The Urban Decay liners are also 1.2g and as I mentioned, are £14. So, that means there's a huge saving in the favour of Bourjois... but how does it match up in performance.

1. It's not as black. It's still very dark and nobody is going to be like, "is she wearing eyeliner?", but it doesn't have the same wow effect.

 Top is Urban Decay's Pervasion, and on the bottom is Bourjois' offering. The Urban Decay was one swipe but the Bourjois took a couple of runs to build up to that.

2. I mostly use it on my water line, so I don't get affected by this so much, but it does have a waxier looking finish. Whereas Urban Decay liners look velvety and rich, this looks slightly more like you've Crayola'd your eyelid. That being said, it's only noticeable up really close, again, nobody in the street is going to be looking at you like WTF.

3. In terms of wearability this does pretty well, for me anyway. It's advertised as being waterproof, and I'd say it is - within reason anyway. It doesn't run, even in the rain, and I've worn it while sweating like a pig in Florida (lovely) and it did well there too. After a 12 hour day though, it does look faded so I would touch this up if I was going out from work etc.

4. Urban Decay liners don't irritate my eyes, which is saying something, and thankfully, neither does this Bourjois one - a massive pro for me as I don't have a great time with a lot of eyeliners/mascaras.

Ultimately, I don't think Bourjois was ever going to win this one in terms of quality alone, but that being said I will repurchase it indefinitely. Sure, it's not AMAZING - but is it worth paying almost three times the price for that for days when I'm just at work or running errands? I don't know that it is. Right now my budget kinda forces me to feel this way, but truthfully, I don't know that I would ever justify Urban Decay's prices for everyday wear. I'll always repurchase for special occasions and for coloured liners, their range cannot be beaten, but for me, my vote has to go to Bourjois on this one.

Smallish trade offs in quality, for a huge saving in price.

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