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Monday, 21 April 2014

Wait... I can use my finger?!

Now it's no secret that relatively speaking, I'm a foundation noob. I don't wear it every day, not because I think somehow I don't need it (no, I'm not that crazy), but I guess I'm so used to how my face looks without it that it doesn't feel like an essential part of 'putting on my face'.

Another thing that often puts me off is the hassle of it; when you're as unskilled as me it can be time consuming and I feel like I practically remove the top layer of skin trying to buff the darn stuff in with my brush. This painful scenario raised two questions for me:

1) Gee, maybe that means my foundation isn't the right one for me. I'd been using the Rimmel Match Perfection, but I think I found the coverage too full for me - I mean when you're used to seeing your face 'naked' it is quite a change. It was coming into Spring anyway, so I was looking to move onto something a little less matte anyway.

And 2) Maybe a brush is not the right tool for me to be using here.

So to address the first issue I picked up the much raved about Wake Me Up Foundation from Rimmel - it gets a lot of love, it fitted the bill for the kind of thing I was looking for (as in, a little shimmer without looking like I've wandered out of Twilight) and hey, at £8.99 it wouldn't be the end of the world if it just wasn't for me. 

When I first put it on I did, as I always do, use a brush and I felt a bit meh about the whole thing. It still felt a little too heavy for me - though it's definitely a step in the right direction from the Match Perfection - and I just didn't see what all the hype was about... until I stepped outside. This foundation really catches the light and makes your skin look so alive - and yes I know that skin is alive and therefore should already look it, but seeing as how my skin hasn't seen sunlight in months, it don't always look lively. It makes me look healthy and frankly, that's a nice touch from a product that I had previously (naively) only really considered to be useful for evening  out skin tone and hiding blemishes.

But wait, it gets better! You know how they say necessity is the mother of invention? Well one day I was in a rush (OK, so I'm in a rush every morning, but I mean one particular day) and I had misplaced my foundation brush, so I was standing there, already having dispensed the stuff on the back of my hand, kind of flapping around and trying to turn the tap on to just rinse it off and then I thought, sod it, not wasting some perfectly good foundation and I just started rubbing into my skin with my finger, not giving things a whole lot of thought. Wow, this is so much easier for me, and so much more gentle on my skin! It means the coverage is a lot lighter, but you still get the glow - which is what I'm after - and I don't feel I have anything caked to my face like some mad second skin.

I know you'll all be sitting there saying 'duh' about this 'revelation' of mine, I'm sure it's entirely common knowledge, but for me, it's been a breakthrough. It's made me excited to try foundations and it's given me more confidence in wearing mine each day - I no longer walk about wondering if it's streaky or cakey or if people are pointing and laughing behind my back (paranoid...). The true testament to the great impact wearing foundation like this has had on my appearance is evident by Kenny's comments of: "That's some nice blush colour paint stuff on your face... " and if that's not high praise I don't know what is!

P.S. I'm more than aware that some actual photos of it on my face might have been nice in here, but guys seriously, I've been really sick lately and my skin is bad. It wouldn't do the product justice to show it on my face just now!

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