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Saturday, 26 April 2014

Wet n Wild i-Sparkle in Utopia

Wet n Wild eyeshadows. Frequently mentioned in glowing reviews on US based blogs, and feverishly tracked down by us UK folks. I’ll admit, that even on my many visits to Walmart when Stateside, I had never tried this brand out, but of course curiousity was now getting the better of me, so I took to eBay to see if I could order something to play with. As it turns out, everyone in the UK must have been feeling the same way that day as most sellers were out of stock of all but the most bold/unwearable of colours. I sighed, and prepared to close the tab, the hunt could resume another day. But then I saw this i-Sparkle thing-a-ma-bob and was totally drawn in.

What is it? Is it really Wet n Wild? Does something this pretty really cost so little?! And in the basket it went. I’ll admit I was totally sucked in by the prettiness, and didn’t give a thought to quality. Come on guys, I’m sure we’ve all been there!

So it arrived, and although the seals were all still in tact, the packaging is a bit battered… to say the least. But never mind, the joys of eBay eh? It comes with two foam applicators which after taking these photos, promptly landed in the trash. Oops. But the cool thing about this little mini palette is the mirror. The shelf containing the shadows and brushes slides over and reveals behind it a big mirror, nice! Really good design and something I haven’t really seen before.

So, onto the eyeshadows… well, let’s just say it’s a good job this thing is so pretty or else nobody would buy it! There’s four shadows and of the four, two (the pale blue and the olive green) are basically invisible. And I don’t mean poorly pigmented, I mean freaking invisible - I've boosted the saturation in the photo below, which I obviously wouldn't normally do with swatches, but before I did you could honestly see nothing. The copper colour seems to swatch on a bit stronger but it’s actually very loose and glittery and so I doubt it will stay put for any length  of time, and the bronze, well it seems like a goodun'! It’s got an almost copper, metallic shimmer through it and it’s plenty pigmented… just typical then that it’s the smallest in the palette!

I’m not going to let this colour my opinion of Wet n Wild eyeshadows at all as I know that this isn’t one of their ‘proper’ palettes, and I also know that the brand can be a bit hit or miss and that I let myself get completely sucked in by presentation. I will however, be waiting until I’m in the States in September to pick up a couple of the big palettes as it’s about 25% of the price versus buying them on eBay!

If for some strange reason you’d still like to check out this eyeshadow, it’s in the shade Utopia and is currently available here, on eBay.

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