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Sunday, 27 April 2014

What Happened this Week #1

Now that the blog is cranking out posts almost every day (and by that I mean I am, not that the blog is somehow magically doing them on its own... ) I thought it might be nice to have a little chatty post on a Sunday to catch up on what's been happening here and also anything interesting that might have hit my Instagram (I'm KittyBlackadder on there too *cough* subtle hint *cough*).

1. So this week on the blog we saw me get my April Birchbox... and pretty much do a 180 on the opinions I had given on the March Birchbox. Ah, consistency. Although I'm obviously thrilled that this month was a great box (for me) I don't necessarily love the feeling of trepidation and uncertainty that comes each month as to whether or not it will be good or a complete dud....

2. There were a couple of NOTD posts this week, but at least they were from two very different colours! Namely Heather from the Barry M Silk Nail Paint range and Electric from Revlon's Top Speed range - one's a super original, smooth, Spring appropriate pale purple and the other, well the other tried to take yellow to a more wearable place... but didn't quite make it...

3. Another week, another haul - really need to reign myself in... or win the Lottery, yeah, that sounds better. Probably actually need to buy a lottery ticket though. Hmm, insight. Anyway, this particular haul was actually quite restrained and comes in the form of some Spring goodies from The Body Shop that I picked up during one of their (almost continuous) 40% sales. Does anyone buy anything full price at The Body Shop anymore?

4.I had a foundation based revelation that's made me super excited and eager to play with all different types of foundation... there goes that 'reigning myself in' idea then.

5. I did a little head to head comparison between two of my favourite black eyeliners. One high end, Urban Decay's Perversion and one (MUCH) more budget friendly, the clubbing liner from Bourjoisl.

6. And finally I reviewed a recent eBay impulse buy from Wet n Wild - one of their freaking beautiful eyeshadow palettes/sets/mini things in Utopia... unfortunately it turned out that the presentation was possibly the best thing it has going for it.

In non-blog related news, well there isn't a lot going on. Work has ranged from crazy to bedlam and so I've been coming home more tired (and much later) than usual - which is saying something as I normally have my pyjamas on seven seconds after I get in anyway! Disney released their Free Dining offers for 2015 Walt Disney World holidays and so there's been rumblings and mutters around the house - nothing concrete so far, but definitely whispers and beginnings. I'll keep you posted!
I also reached the realisation the other day that I haven't bought a single item of clothing in the month of April - quite an achievement! Can't say I've been so good with other things though - you may notice the photo above of another little lush haul... naughty.

And that's really all there is going on this week - I wish I could have more exciting chat to share with you, but I promise for next week I'll make more of an Instagram effort! I hope you're all well and having a lovely weekend, I'm off to work but I'm not so bothered this week as the sun's not out nearly half as much as it was this time last week - Summer was nice while it lasted.

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