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Monday, 28 April 2014

You Beauty Discovery April 2014

This month on You Beauty Discovery the theme was Organic and Natural, and I have to say I was initially a bit deflated about this, especially after the huge talking up I had given the whole thing in my last post. It's not that I don't like natural or organic products; in fact, I use quite a lot... but I've kinda got the ones I like in my routine and I don't really feel the need to mess with them. However as soon as I actually browsed the shortlist, my feelings changed.

There was a really good range of brands, sizes and types of products; skin care, body care and makeup too. There was also a good mix of brands I had heard of, and brands I hadn't, which I like. And then, my eyes locked on it... Steam Cream. A cult product I've been dying to try for ages, and what's even better, You Beauty Discovery was including full size tins in this month's shortlist!

Of course, the big question when it arrived was, "will the tin design be pretty?!?!" (because I'm not shallow at all or anything) and yes, yes it is a pretty tin. I actually squealed with delight when I saw it, it's the cutest packaging for lotion ever! And the actual product inside? Oh right, you want to hear about that, not just the packaging? ... Oh. OK, well the cream itself is definitely different. I told Kenny how the ingredients are fused together using steam and he kinda rolled his eyes... until he tried some out. That is some pretty magical lotion! I've tried it out on my face (always a bit risky given my moody skin) and wow, it gives you some baby soft skin. The cream is so light it's almost like, I dunno, like a mousse? BUT, it's super moisturising too, cray, cray stuff here people.

The other product I had selected was a creamy coconut cleanser, largely because I'm kind of hunting for a new cleanser, sort of. Of course despite this being the product I actually had a need for (whereas I needed a moisturiser like a hole in the head) this is of course the one I haven't really tried out yet. First impressions are good, not actually really coconutty scented, but it smells lovely anyway, so no complaints. If it's anything worth writing about then I'm sure I will in fact write about it.

The little extras in this months' box were a face mask sachet from the Organic Pharmacy and a healthy cereal bar from 9 Bar - two nice little samples in keeping with the theme of the month. Also, as with last month, there are discount codes offered on many of the brands inside the little informational leaflet they send you. 

Overall, super happy with this box and with the service in general - I can see this being the start of a beautiful friendship. 

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