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Monday, 7 April 2014

You Beauty Discovery Box - March 2014

Firstly, just to warn you, I seem to have some kind of mental block with remembering the name "You Beauty Discovery", every time I try and visit their website Google has to (smugly) correct me. So, despite my best efforts to correct myself, expect to see "Discovering Your Beauty", "Discovery Beauty Box" and some even less sane sounding versions appear in this post. I apologies.

I heard about this beauty box subscription on a blog that I follow (and LOVE) - Qworter Life Crisis, written by Maddie. I generally seem to feel the same as her about a lot of products and so when I heard her write/speak about how happy she was with her first box from You Beauty Discovery - suffice to say I was checking out with my first box before I'd even finished her post!

You Beauty Discovery is a monthly beauty box subscription service, and each box costs £6.95 including postage and packaging - so that's about £6 less than say, Birchbox, but you do get 'less'. With You Beauty Discovery there is a shortlist of products each month (usually, I think 8-10) and from that shortlist you choose two. You are then sent these and a couple of little extra goodies.

I signed up very late in March and so, a couple of the products were out of stock (selection opens on the first of each month, so I guess it's common sense the best goodies will go quick), but even so I thought the range was good. There were High Street brands like Rimmel and The Body Shop and also high end brands such as Aromatherapy Associates and Crabtree and Evelyn. There were products for hair, some for skin, some makeup - a really good selection which I appreciated, because not everyone likes messing with every part of their routine, I mean if you (finally) have found the perfect mascara (still hunting for mine...) you probably don't want mascara samples. If you have very sensitive skin, you maybe don't want heavily fragranced body lotions or oils. And while I understand that services like Birchbox are about the surprise of new brands and products, I do wish you could black ball certain things that you're allergic to or completely disinterested in.

The other thing I like about the selection of You Beauty Discovery products is that there is a good range of 'size' of products too. For example one of the items I wanted for my March box, but that had sold out, was a 90ml hot cloth cleanser from The Body Shop that also came with a cloth. But on the other hand, if you decide you want to try something a bit fancier, then the trade off is a smaller size sample - which seems perfectly reasonable. But at least you have the choice. Also, on the product selection page the quantity/size of each sample is clearly displayed so there's no nasty surprises when the box arrives.

So let's actually have a look at my box then. It comes in  a pretty cream box with the logo on the top, very girly and fancy looking. I like. Inside there's shredded tissue paper (that probably has an actual name I'm just not aware of). There's a leaflet that gives you info on the products that were available for the month - not just the ones you chose, but all of them, which I like, in case there was something else you wanted to try, but didn't get the chance too - now you'll remember to hunt it out. Also, while You Beauty Discovery doesn't do a rewards point system like Birchbox does, they do instead have voucher codes that you can use at the products' own websites. Not for every product, but in March, 5 of the 9 products featured had vouchers codes - some of which were quite significant!

The 'extras' that I received were two teabags for Dragonfly Tea which I am chuffed with as I am a tea enthusiast addict. And there were also two vouchers inside the box for 50p off a box of Dragonfly Tea at various supermarkets, which I thought was a nice touch. I also received some cute polka dot toe separators which, OK, might not be the most exciting thing ever, but I don't own any, so I'm sure they'll be handy.

So what products did I chose? I went for two of the higher end products, and so got smaller samples, but I'm still really happy. I chose the Inner Strength Bath and Shower Oil from Aromatherapy Associates - which was a 7.5ml sample. Thrilled to have finally got the chance to try something from this brand that everyone loves. I don't know if I'd actually ever splash out on the stuff as it ain't cheap, but at least know I'll know what all the fuss is about! I also chose a 15ml sample of Dr. Lipp Nipple Balm for Lips - which I actually had in a Birchbox months ago (although it was a 5ml sample) and loved. Really happy to have a bigger tube of this to keep in my handbag.

So that's my thoughts on the service so far - I'm very impressed. My April box has been ordered, but has yet to appear (when they say 5-7 working days for delivery, they aren't joking). I don't know whether I'll post every month about it, maybe? I love reading those posts from people, so I guess that probably means I should write them for other folks like me!


  1. I love You Beauty :) I haven't got it for the last two months though - how cute is the box?! xx

    1. I know lol! It's so dinky and adorable! :) xxx


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