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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Baffled by Balmi

So in some ways, I can't quite believe I'm writing a post about this, I mean really, how much feeling (positive or negative) can one have about a lip balm? How many words can conceivably be needed to review something like this? How many people will actually care? All valid questions and, honestly, I never thought I'd mention this on here - it's a silly little thing I picked up on a whim and that's that.

Or so I thought.

It turns out this product bothers me. It bothers me on a such a fundamental level that I can't just shove it in a drawer and forget about it, I can't keep quiet.... I'm just so intrigued to know a) what the people who designed this were thinking and b) does anyone actually like it?

So it's a lip balm clearly. It's from Balmi, it's the strawberry version and it's available here, from Boots,  for £4.99. So right off the bat, it's not the cheapest of lip balms so frankly, I was expecting if not super special magical powers, then at least something that could hold its own. I don't even know where to begin describing how wrong I was.
Let's start from the outside; the packaging. It's a little cube made from that silicone feeling stuff that picks up every bit of dirt and crumbs as it floats around your bag, but no, that's not the issue I have with it. If you look up at the top photo you can see it has a little attachment for putting it on, I don't know, a phone, keys, whatever - this is the worst idea ever. It is a fairly heavy cube, not something I want swinging around my iPhone or smacking me on the hand every time I lift my keys out - seriously this is a solid little cube! Also, the keychain attachment is on the balm side, not the lid, meaning you would have to hold your keys/phone/bag to your face to use the product... odd.

The lid is a screw top kind of thing which is a saving grace as at least while the packaging may soon be disgusting the top won't pop off and ruin the inside too. The balm is in a kind of conical shape designed, apparently, to make it easier to apply to your lips. Now maybe I have freakishly small lips, but no matter how careful I am with this it ends up smeared everywhere - and it only gets worse the more you use and the flatter the top gets, but applying it with a finger isn't great as it's a very soft consistency.

Smell wise, this thing certainly packs a punch - mine smells very sweetly of strawberries and the smell is strong enough to be noticed even holding the product arms length! However, when you actually manage to apply the product to your lips that lovely smell vanishes and is replaced by the most horrible, chemical, greasy smell/taste. Truly vile. It sits on your lips like a horrid layer of grease, I don't feel it heals, soothes or protects, it just sits there; oily, disgusting and smearing ever more onto your face as time goes on.

I literally have no idea how I could ever possibly recommend this product, I genuinely cannot find a redeeming feature. You know sometimes, irritating packaging is okay if what's inside is magical, and other times we buy things because they're pretty - even if they don't turn out to be so useful.... but this, I have no idea what the positive side to this is. For me this is a fail right across the board from packaging to application, formula to effectiveness - in fact, I don't even think this will be going in a drawer, I think this is straight for the trash.


  1. from reading this it sounds like they have tried to copy eos lip balms. you should buy one of those, they are amazing!!

    1. Ah, see, I had seen the Eos balms about too - but I wasn't sure who the copycat was. Good to know that Eos are the original - might need to look into trying one of them instead. :)
      Thanks for reading :)


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