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Friday, 23 May 2014

#FridayFaves: Spring Nail Colours

So admittedly I had a hard time narrowing this down to five polishes from my 150(ish) bottle collection, and truthfully, I'm not sure it's a definitive list. For example, if I'm ever cloned in a nuclear experiment gone wrong and you're trying to determine which is the real me and you decide, as a verification method to ask; name your five favourite Spring polishes..... yeah, that won't work. I'm flaky at the best of times, but this, well I'll probably have changed my mind on this before I hit 'Publish'.

Essie My Better Half £7.99 // I'm not an Essie polish fan really. I have a couple and I use them from time to time, but it's not a range of polishes I ever browse in Boots - which is probably just as well as their HUGE colour range is pretty lust-after-able. So why don't I like them? It's the brushes. I find them far too thin for me, like they're more prone to skid about and make mistakes, or leave a streaky finish. But, lots of folks love them, so it is just a personal preference thing. This colour however is a favourite for this time of the year; it's a strong enough pink that it's very distinctly not a pastel, but not so bold it wanders over into 'Summer Neon' territory. Plus it has a very fine shimmer through it, but, wait for it, the shimmer is the same colour as the polish leading to some very dynamic and fancy looking polish when the light hits your tips.

Nails Inc Hyde Park Corner £12.00 // I've already done a rather gushy NOTD post on this recently so I shall try and be brief here. It may not shout out as being a Spring polish for a lot of folks, but, actually I think it's great. In some lights, indoors mainly, it looks a cool grey colour - nice and chic and will go with everything, but outside in the sunlight the purple colour comes through and it's a fantastically dusky lilac colour that leans towards pastel, but looks a little more grungy. 

Barry M Matte Nail Paint in Vanilla £3.99 // Though many of us associate Spring with colour returning - to the plants outside, to our skin (unless like me, you're doomed to be pale FOREVER), to our makeup, clothes and nails - but bright pink nails may not always be desirable or appropriate; for work or more serious life-scenarios. So this is my favourite Spring nude polish; still a little pink toned for a burst of seasonality, it's also very flattering on a paler skin tone such as mine, and let's not forget that nude nails (and matte ones at that!) are very much on trend for Spring/Summer 14.

NYC Color in Minute in Blue Sky £1.79 // Looking to inject some Spring vibes to your nail polish collection but not wanting to splash cash on colours you'll only wear seasonally? Well this beauty steals the place for my favourite budget polish for Spring. I LOVE, I repeat - LOVE - this range of polishes in terms of quality; I find them to be fantastic and hello, look at that price tag!? But honestly, while a bargain is always nice I wouldn't recommend them unless they actually boasted some good wearability; and these do. Great application, brush, durability and finish - the only thing that lets the range down is the colour selection. While this fresh turquoise is great for adding some colour to a Spring look, the range overall is somewhat limited.

Barry M Silk Nail Paint in Heather £3.99 // Released earlier this year there's something about these polishes that I love, but can't quite put my finger on. They remind me of being little and playing with my Barbie dolls - they feel a bit 90's but I have no idea why! Anyway, Heather is the purple colour from the range and as well as being a lovely Spring colour the silky/matte finish adds something a little unique and eye catching to the look.

And so folks, those are my favorite polishes for Spring... well as decided today anyway, I could probably write a brand new list tomorrow! I wanted to try and include a range of polishes though from different brands, polishes that have different finishes, price points, colours and maybe even 'appropriate occasions' - so I hope you liked my little compilation and feel free to share any of your Spring favourites in the comments below! 

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