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Monday, 5 May 2014

Glasgow Haul

Well this country Bumpkin took a trip to the big city recently and while I was there, along with nearly getting hit by 17 cars, being sad about the pigeons missing toes and getting completely and utterly lost - I also bought a couple of little things that I'd thought I'd share with you in a little haul.

Lush Angels on Bare Skin £6.40// Now, I did legitimately need a new cleanser as my current one was too harsh on my skin and I thought I could kind of get away with it if I was careful but no, I worried it was starting to do some real damage so into Lush I went. I asked the sales assistant for advice and she was great, we must have stood chatting for a good fifteen minutes about, well, everything really and I left feeling like I had a product that was right for my skin - something I really like about going into Lush, they give you so much advice.

Lush The Sacred Truth Face Mask £6.25// Since I was switching to a new cleanser, I thought I'd also take the opportunity to try out a face mask from Lush for the first time ever! Yup, the sales girl couldn't believe it either - how can such a fanatic Lushie not have used such a signature product. We had a great time talking about them and trying them out on my hand and in the end I chose The Sacred Truth with a plan to try Oatifix next time.

Lush Strawberry Feels Forever Massage Bar £5.75// Of course the problem with going into Lush for legitimate reasons is that you also then tend to pick up things you really didn't need - this being one of them. But it smells so, so, so good and I do love using their massage bars as moisturisers!

Lush Green Bubbleroon £3.50// Bubbleroons are new to me, they've been on my to buy list for yonks and I finally remembered to pick one up today. I went for green which has a citrus smell mixed with the smell of fresh cut grass and Summer sunshine - a very unique smell and one I'm very much looking forward to trying out!

Maybelline Colour Tattoo Eyeshadows in Pomegranate and Pink Gold £4.99 each (Buy One Get One Half Price when I bought them...)// I mentioned in a post recently how great I think these shadows are for all day wear, but that I don't think the range of colours is great - lots of bright blues and purples but not so much in the way of neutral and wearable. Even though I'm generally not a pink eyeshadow person, I grabbed these to try out - they look great in the pot, just not sure how flattering they'll be on my skin tone.

H&M basic pale denim jeans (no photo for some weird reason but I'll link to them here) £10// I wear black jeans a lot,  but I wanted something more Spring suitable. The issue is, I'm a dribbler. Toothpaste, soda, pizza sauce, foundation... it all ends up down me and the paler the trouser, generally the less forgiving. So in the end I picked up this cheap £10 pair from H&M figuring if they don't last the season, it's not a big deal. They actually fit really well and I don't think they look as cheap as they were; pretty good way for me to try out something a bit different.

H&M Striped Shirt £12.99// I saw this and just fell in love with it. It's quite a baggy fit on so I've been wearing it either layered under something or worn open with a black cami underneath - either way it's a pretty staple piece that I'll get a lot of wear out of.

Tiger flexible chopping board// We don't have a Tiger locally, so I always pop in when I'm near one, and I picked up a couple of things - well it would have been rude not to! First up I got this chopping board; it's thin and bendy so I can bend the sides and pour things in the pot rather than under, next to it and on the floor.

Tiger Pink and Green photo frames// Picked these up as they seemed like such a bargain and the colours were just so cute... plus, am I the only one that never prints digital photos any more?! It drives me mad, but I just never get round to it!

Tiger Never Grow Up notebook// I realised that I had forgotten to bring a notebook for the meeting I was in Glasgow to attend (well no, I actually had two in my bag but I decided they were too pretty to write work notes in...*sigh* it's a sickness really). So I picked up this notebook because it made me smile, then when I took it out in the meeting I realised it probably wasn't the most mature choice for work! Woops.

Tiger patterned tapes// Love me a good patterned tape and look, it has sheep on it! How cute?! No idea what I'll use them for, but still... sheep how could you not?!

Sleek eyeshadow palettes in Storm and Garden of Eden £7.99 each// Wow, it's like all my addictions came out to play today. I had been eyeing Garden of Eden for a while and then as soon as saw it in the flesh, so to speak, I knew I had to pick it up - think it's going to be great for making Spring looks with. Then Storm was a bit of a surprise. I had seen it online, looked at it many times, then, seeing it contained blue shadows, dismissed it every time - blue is not my thing. BUT, then when I saw it in store, I realised just how balanced a palette it was... possibly the best of all the Sleek palettes....?

Revlon Colourburst Laquer Balm in Demure £5.99// I have seen people talk about these lip things constantly and I'd joined in the frenzy of the launch of the matte pencils and swatched them so many times, but I never found one I liked. But in the much bigger Superdrug in Glasgow they had a bigger range and I picked up one of the glossy ones - an unusual move for me as I generally can't stand lip gloss.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Cappuccino £7.49 (Revlon was also on Buy One Get One Half Price when I bought them...) // I love the Revlon Lip Butters but have never actually tried their other lipsticks so I figured it was about time... and when they're on special offer how can you not...

And so that's that,my Glasgow haul. I love reading Haul posts from people (please feel free to link yours in the comments below) so I try to make an effort to write my own, and plus, at the rate I've been shopping lately, it's about the only way I can remember what I've bought!

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