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Thursday, 29 May 2014

Lush May Day Bath Bomb

I love LUSH - I mean, that's no secret. Great smelling stuff that's innovative, exciting and guilt free to buy. I also love badgers. I mean really. I'm very fortunate to have a badger set about fifteen minutes from my house and to have spent many hours in full camouflage, hiding in shrubs to have the pleasure of seeing these wonderful creatures. We've seen them emerge with the young 'uns at the start of the night and have a good old play and scratch around, we've heard them snuffling around completely in worlds of their own and, our camo and stillness is clearly too good as we've also had one come close enough I could have easily put my arm around it and taken a selfie. No joke - they ain't the most observant.

These are beautiful, innocent creatures that I feel truly blessed to have seen throughout my life - when I was a toddler one came into our garden to feed each night and I vividly remember my Dad wakening me and taking me to the window to watch. I have always thought they are wonderful - and frankly no scaremongering news would ever change that.

I don't want to climb up on my soapbox too much here, but I do urge anyone who isn't aware of what happens to these poor animals to go and do a little research. Beyond the headlines and the fear - just take a few minutes out of your life to learn a little. Badgers need our help.

*Puts soapbox away*

So, as you can probably guess I would have bought this to support the cause no matter what it smelled like, looked like or did. BUT, actually, I would also buy it for being an awesome bath bomb even if the cause didn't exist.

It's super cute - white with a badger face on it. It's simple too though, almost poignant, as it shows that the focus is the badger and not any fancy glitter or showmanship. (Also, think that may be the first time in history anyone has described a bath bomb as 'poignant').

It doesn't turn the water a colour, which, I'm not a huge fan of as I don' necessarily like to be able to see my naked squishy self bobbing about - that can almost leave me more panicked that relaxed! However the smell from this bath bomb really makes up for it!

The Lush site describes it as fruity and sherberty scented, and while there are definitely sweet notes present - I think the presence of bergamot oil gives it a wonderful earthy undertone. In a lot of ways it smelled to me like Summer - warm afternoons walking around in the woods; and that just seems perfectly apt for this bath bomb.

As one last final emotional message, as your bath bomb fizzles away a note pops up to the surface as a last reminder of what this is all about. I'm not going to lie, I got goosebumps and a little tear in my eye when it bobbed up. 

So I urge you to nip out and buy one of these while they're still available and also, maybe even more so, to go and do a little reading on the plight of the poor little badger. 

The May Day bath bomb is available here, for £2.95

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