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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Lush The Sacred Truth Face Mask

Moving past, if you can, the super flattering photo above lets talk about The Sacred Truth face mask!

To put things in some context, I'm a bit of a face mask novice. They're something I'd always thought of as a fun pamper night treat - or something girly to do at a sleepover, I'd never really thought of them as something that was part of a beauty routine. Part of that is probably because I haven't had a lot of luck with them when I've tried them; the popular ones that come in sachets and cost £1 that everyone raves about - horribly allergic to the several varieties I've tried. The Superdrug one I was using for a while in the winter - after a couple of applications it started to break me out really badly. To be honest all I'd really had any luck with was the Liz Earle Intensive Nourishment Treatment Mask which is great at moisturising and is super gentle ... but because a lot of it absorbs as it goes, and because that's the only variety of it (there's not a cleansing/brightening one), it didn't necessarily feel like a true face mask experience.

I was in LUSH recently (a rare treat for me, I usually have to order online) and seized the opportunity to ask the advice of a sales assistant - they've never steered me wrong yet in there. The first mask she mentioned was the one I'd always toyed with ordering - Oatifix, which primarily moisturises, but also exfoliates. But then, the sales assistant mentioned The Sacred Truth - which is one I had never looked at or considered. She put some on my hand and talked to me all about the ingredients - after rinsing it off and feeling how soft my skin was, I was sold! 

The Sacred Truth (£6.25) is designed to feed your skin with all sorts of natural goodies; wheatgrass and fruit, honey and yoghurt, but, while adding all this goodness back into your skin it also has ingredients like ginger that boost the circulation and radiance - leaving you looking all bright and glowing.

I applied it, as I always do with face masks, with some trepidation, and put on a fairly thin layer in case I had to remove it quickly if I took a reaction. Firstly, let's just say, how good do the fresh face masks feel after you've had them in the fridge?! It's such a lovely relaxing feeling! Anyway, after a few minutes I felt a little itch or tingle and thought 'here we go'. but nope, it never came to anything.

I actually was a bit of a rebel and left the mask on for 20 minutes instead of the recommended 10-15... well OK, actually I just got distracted by cat videos on YouTube and forgot, but still. Washing it off was easy and afterwards my skin felt so, so soft and, more importantly, continued to feel that way for days afterwards. My skin felt and looked so good that my mother - a complete LUSH skeptic - even tried out the mask herself! It was great for her skin too.

So, overall I'm a huge fan of The Sacred Truth and can totally see me adding it as a weekly part of my skincare routine - it's such a lovely, luxurious feeling lying with a face mas on, and even better when I know my skin is safe and well looked after! 

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