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Monday, 12 May 2014

LUSH So White Bath Bomb

Time to try out another LUSH bath bomb, and this time, it's So White. This bath bomb may look pretty simple from the outside, but underneath that shy, white exterior there's an apple red core that'll turn your tub water red and fill the room with fruity scent.

I was actually mega excited to try this one out as, according to the website it smells like apples and - fun fact - apples are my favourite fruit, and also one of my favourite fruity smell. And apple isn't that common a scent, I mean The Body Shop don't even have an apple range.

So anyway, it first fizzes away it's white exterior and while it's very pretty in real life, there's not a lot to see in a photo (or at least not when it's my quality of photograph!)

You can see the red core emerging here. It's very pretty watching the white bubbles and foam give way to the pink/ red colour.

And it leaves your bath water a deep apple reddy/pink. Very rich and relaxing. 

So, what did I think? Well, first of all I was a bit disappointed in the smell; it didn't really smell of apples that much. It smelled really nice but just a general fruitiness, not very apply specific and not a particularly special or distinctive smell - in my opinion. Nothing wrong with it at all, but of all the smells LUSH makes, I'm not sure I'd go back for more of this over the others.

The good thing about this bomb is that it packs a bit of a show with the dual colourisation, but it doesn't contain any 'debris' to litter your bath afterwards, so I guess this is a good option for folks who want a little excitement but are put off when there's confetti and glitter all over themselves and the tub at the end.

So yeah, not a new favourtie here, but I'm glad I tried it all the same.

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