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Monday, 19 May 2014

My May Birchbox


firstly I'm aware that every single other UK blogger has beaten me to getting this post up (for anyone interested/following the saga - Birchbox royally screwed up the delivery again. Our neighbours freaking hate us now), but I've been pretty vocal about my Birchbox experience the past couple of months and so I wanted to put something up, even if everyone is sick of hearing about this box.

Firstly, I want to start by pointing out that this box is about a billion times better than the previous collaboration fiasco in March. For starters they've actually bothered to design a box rather than stick it in a cheap sleeve. Hurrah. 

So what did I get. 

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish 30ml plus muslin cloth // A product that's been very much in the spotlight of late due to winning it's 100th award. It's been a household staple for us for as long as I can remember, but it's nice to get a little tube - not something new and exciting but at least I'll definitely use it!

 Aromatherapy Associates Morning Revive Bath/ Shower Oil 3ml // Another brand that beauty insiders seem to love, and something I'm really happy to have received and will definitely use. I would have been happy to try any of the bath oils from them, but I'm extra chuffed as this one smells amazing.

Benefit's They're Real Mascara 30g // Truth time: I've never owned a high end mascara. I've always been happy with drugstore offerings and so I've never splurged 'unnecessarily' on a high end option. But, if ever I've felt tempted it's by the Benefit offerings. If I could have chosen any mascara in the world to sample, this would have been the one. Can you tell I'm happy to have this?

Beauty Protector Shampoo and Conditioner // Truthfully, I'm not personally as excited to have these, but only because my hair is so, so moody and I don't mess with it's routine much. But, objectively, I totally appreciate the fact they've given the shampoo and conditioner to try out as that will give a much better sense of what the products can really do for your hair. They're also a decent enough size so you'll actually get a few washes out of each - hurrah for no sachets!

Soigne Nail Lacquer  Full size bottle // Forgot to take it out of the box when taking the photographs. Woops. Anyway, it's a lovely nude colour, which we all know, I love. I've never heard of the brand, but always enjoy trying new ones - especially when they come in fancy packaging like this! 

So overall, I'm happy with this box - I think it's really well thought out and put together and it offers decent size samples that can actually act as a valid test of a product. The box also came with a discount code for a subscription to Harper's Bazaar which I thought was a nice touch. I'm glad that it seems the Lulu Guinness fiasco was a one off collaboration disaster and a box like this really restores my faith in the service and what it's supposed to be offering.

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