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Saturday, 10 May 2014

NOTD: Models Own Utopia

I first heard about Utopia on Lily Melrose's blog, ages ago now - and I thought it looked awesome. I saw love for it pop up on more and more blogs and I was so tempted to add it into my collection, but, I always think with really pale/nude toned polishes, so much of it depends on the individual's skin tones. I'm - in case you didn't already know - pale enough that moths circle round me and as ever with polishes like this, there's the risk it would just wash me out (... even more than I already am.

But one day when Models Own had the 6 for £20 on their website I was stealth shopping - you know the kind: when you shouldn't be buying anything so you kind of casually add things to the basket in between studying/working and then, when you kind of get yourself to a point where you're too far in to back out you have to rush the transaction through before you snap back to reality and tell yourself off. Anyway, it was one of those shopping incidents and I had five polishes in my basket and just minutes left before I'd get a grip of myself and close the tab... I was flustered and jumping between polishes every two minutes, until finally I saw Utopia (lol, apt name there...) and figured this would be the perfect time to try it out. I'm so glad I did.

It's my new favourite nude for my nails, which is saying something as my love for the Barry M matte nudes is pretty strong. This doesn't wash me out at all, but I think I was right in my initial thoughts in that it will look different on all different people - on me it's very much a "your nails but better" nude, but on darker skin tones I can imagine it would look much more of a pink toned pastel. All in all I'm so glad I have this in my collection, it's versatile, timeless, wearable and chic - absolutely perfect if you're going away or have a range of different days planned and don't want to have to keep switching polishes.

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