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Saturday, 3 May 2014

NOTD: Nails Inc Hyde Park Corner

Absolutely in love with this polish just now - and also, while we're at it: look the sun's out! This polish is..... aaaaahhh, where to start. For me, it's a perfect polish for the Spring months. I'm not the girliest girl in the world and yes, sometimes I load on the glitter and the pinker the better, but other times; I prefer a polish that can't be seen from space. But what to do in Spring, the time of the pastels and pearls and the ultimate girly shades? I mean sure, of course there's other nail trends like this year, white nails and nude nails are bang on and a lot more chic than many more typical offerings - but what if you still want to get your Spring on, if you still want to have that floral pop without shouting it to the world... then this my friends, is the polish for you.

It is a dusky, grey lilac and indoors, in artificial light it looks a lot more grey and sleek, more demure and understated but then, out in the sunlight, the purple burst through like a  crocus in the Spring earth (ooooh, metaphors). Outside, it looks like a lovely, slightly duskier pastel purple, but it's not brash or loud either - it's great for when you still want to embrace the sunshine but you maybe have meetings to go to, or other engagements that don't quite fit with a bold mani.

Like all Nails Inc polishes it applies like a dream - dries fast, takes two thin coats and wears well. A super fast stylish paint job.

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