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Thursday, 22 May 2014

NOTD: Sophie's Pink

What can I say, I was feeling the Summer sun we've had the past couple of days and went with a bold and sunny nail colour to match! Of course today it's raining again, but hey ho.  Sophie's Pink I ordered on a whim because the little swatch looked really nice on the Models Own website and I don't own many pink nail varnishes... OK, so that last part was a lie. Could you guess?!

What can I say? I like the quality of Models Own polishes and I feel for the £5 price tag their range of colours and overall formula are great. This colour is, as I said, bold and playful - but what I love most about it is the complete lack of shimmer or sparkle that's so often found in pinks of this kind of shade. It's undiluted and un-ignorable (what... that's a word), and a lovely shade for Summer.... just need Summer to come back now.... any minute now.... yup, just a-waiting...

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