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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

NOTD (Sort of....) Nails Inc Fulham Palace Gardens

So this was the May polish from the Nails Inc calendar box set that I'm loving working my way through - this month though, was a bit of a dud for me. I had used one of these sprinkle polishes before ("Sweets Way") and so I thought I knew what I was in for; a cute accent nail, not really my style of polish, but novel and cute all the same. 

I did some swatches (of course - who doesn't love painting those swatch nails - they're so long and perfect!!) and yup, it looked to be exactly what I was expecting. But then I started on my real nails. My nails are tiny. Seriously. I have freakishly tiny hands and my nails are comically small, so painting them is always a bit footery, and nail art is not much of an option (tiny nails is my excuse and I'm sticking to it), but this polish showed off another issue of having such teensy nails, and I disliked it so much I removed it all before it was even fully dry (and before I'd even done touch ups or good photos... s'cuse)

OK, so it maybe doesn't look as obvious in the photos as it did to me, but I really couldn't even leave this polish on for five minutes, so it must have been bad! Basically I think the glitter particles (or "sprinkles") are so big and so defined in all their multi-coloured-ness that the polish is just too big for my nail. Now clearly, I haven't done the perfect paint job, but still I feel the size of the glitter chunks make it look gloopy and really cheap on my nail. I did, after taking these photos, experiment with it on different nails, in different amounts of coats etc. but no, this one's just not for me or my tiny toddler nails.

This is the first Nails Inc polish I haven't liked, and even then, it looks good on the swatches so the fault is clearly with me rather than the product. Looking forward to trying June's polish - it's a goodun'!

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