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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Revlon Parfumeire Nail Polishes

So, for me, scented nail varnishes were these incredibly cute little bottles shaped like miniature colouring pencils that I bought from Claire's Accessories when I was about eight. I loved them ... back then. More recently, I picked some up from Revlon when they were available in my local Poundland but truthfully, I bought them because I liked the colours, the fact they were scented was by the by. And that's all the thought I'd ever given the whole scented polish concept - until now.

Firstly, I was sold before I'd even seen them in real life - with bottles that cute I knew I was going to pick at least one up, no matter what. I hunted through blog posts and swatch pictures trying to decide what I'd go for - of course, I still spent about three hours in the aisle at Boots making the final decision. Truthfully though, it wasn't because I was spoiled for choice - I actually wasn't that impressed with the colour range. There's a lot of shimmery and pearly shades that I'm just not that into - a lot of colours that just seem a bit 'meh' to me. Truthfully, I was drawn to Espresso, but then remembered I'm a barista and my hands smell like coffee all the time anyway.

In the end I picked up three - Lime Basil, China Flower and Ginger Melon. 

Lime Basil was the first polish I tried out on my nails. I picked it up because it's a pretty unique colour; in my 100+ bottle collection of polishes *blush* (does calling it a 'collection' make it sound more like a deliberate hobby than an obsessive weakness towards shiny bottled liquids?) I have nothing similar to it. Even Kenny, the generally entirely disinterested boyfriend admitted this was a nice one and a 'sensible addition... relatively speaking of course".
So, it applies brilliantly - I'm a fan of Revlon polishes generally, and this was no exception. Two coats are needed but it's two very easy, non gloopy, non streaking coats - and the dry time is pretty awesome too. So as for the smell of this one... it smelled a little like lemon toilet cleaner or floor wipes or something. Not a bad  smell by any means, but a little odd all the same. The good news is that the smell was noticeable from a distance (as in arms length) and it did last for a day or more - so not such a gimmick after all I guess. 

Ginger melon is again not a shade too similar to anything else I own - it's a nice pink-red that I find to be quite flattering. Much like Lime Basil it applied very well and wore well too. The scent from this one was, if anything, even stronger but I felt that it had just a kind of generic fruity smell - kind of like what you'd expect a scented nail varnish to smell like, if that makes sense. That's not a bad  thing as such, but a little disappointing all the same after the fancy bottle and all the hype about the varied and exotic scents.

China Flower is a very classic, very beautiful red - the kind of timeless colour that everyone should have in their 'collection'. Honestly, I already have one (or several) in mine, but this one just seemed extra striking ... and plus, how cute and vintage looking is that bottle. Scent wise, this is by far my favourite - it has a very delicate, very original fresh floral scent. A far more complex smell than I expected from a nail polish. The downside is that it is by far the most faint of the three - I can't smell it at arms length, and I look weird if I walk about and smell my fingers. The quality more than makes up for it though - it applies as well as the others, which is impressive for a red, they can so often be streaky or take like 50 coats. Also, it's such a beautiful, vibrant shade even when it dries and has been worn for a couple of days.

Overall, I'm impressed with these polishes. Sure, I think the scent thing is still a bit of a gimmick, but, I think it's a step in the right direction and, it's not like the quality of the polishes has suffered at it's expense anyway - far from it, these are some fantastic quality gems that I'd snap up even if the scent thing wasn't part of the deal. I'd love to say "I'll pick up some more" as I do love them that much, but, honestly there wasn't a whole else in the range that did it for me - maybe they'll expand or change things up as time goes by; you could definitely see how seasonal additions could work well with this collection. The polishes cost £6.49 each in Boots (though there's currently £2 off them just now) and for that price I think they're really great.


  1. Oooo I'm so wanting to try these scented nail polishes! I love anything like this- I'm a sucker for a gimick but these look so pretty. Think I'll pass on the toilet cleaner smell one though it is a pretty colour lol xx

    1. Yeah the bottles are the cutest things ever *sigh* I'm always drawn in by packaging! The formula is great too, but yeah, still not convinced about the scent thing! xx


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