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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

The Body Shop Satsuma Body Polish

So this product has already been mentioned a couple of times on the blog (I mentioned buying it in a Body Shop Haul post, and it's also featured in my #FridayFaves energising shower products) but I still felt I wanted to write a post just for it; to make it feel special and loved.

I bought this along with some of the thick body scrubs from The Body Shop and I have to say, when this arrived, looking like a shower gel in a tube - I thought for £10 I'd been had. I was looking for something to really work away on my skin, not a slightly gooier gel. Anyway, I picked it up one morning and without giving it much thought, squeezed some onto my little shower puff, frilly thing (seriously, what are those actually called?!). My fears were confirmed when I saw it out of the tube; the exfoliating particles it contains are not only tiny, but also few and far between - compared to traditional scrubs anyway.... I then started buffing it onto my skin; focusing as I usually would with a scrub on my legs and arms and sure enough, no raw feeling, no feeling of skin being ripped off, no blood running down my legs (I joke of course, I mean, I like a good exfoliation...)

I mean sure, it smelled good - I love the satsuma smell from The Body Shop, it reminds me of using the soap from there when I was little. Remember the animal and fruit shaped soaps!? I loved those. I loved those so much I bought some a year or so ago and proudly showed them to my mum and declared I'd set aside a rhino soap for taking on holiday with us. My mum was mortified that the hotel room cleaners would see three adults in a room and a rhino soap and think we were nutters, then, when we got to Florida, there was no rhino soap in my case. Just sayin'.

Anyway, treacherous family members aside and back to this particular bath time woe; I enjoyed the smell but rinsed it off without feeling like my exfoliating itch had been scratched, so to speak. But then I got out of the shower and felt my skin; it felt good. Like really good. It didn't feel raw or stripped which is handy, and it felt good to touch too - really soft and well... polished. Hurrah! Something that exfoliates without the associated hassle and pain of exfoliating! Truthfully I do still miss that fresh feeling you get from a good scrub in the shower, but this wins on other merits.

Think back... baaaaaaaacccckkk, back to the top of this post, when I said I applied some "without giving it much thought".... how often can you do that with a scrub? I mean, I love the Sugar Crush scrub from Soap and Glory, but dear God, what a hassle. With wet hands you unscrew the tub and try to scoop some out without a) knocking the tub down into the bath/shower and b) letting enough water to fill an Olympic pool fall into it. Then you get some in your hand, but as you try and actually get it to your body it falls off in globs and you can't spread it out... and then, don't even get me started on trying to put the lid back on the freaking tub. But with this, you just pop the lid, squeeze some out, and stand it back up (which closes the lid), absolutely, freaking, miraculous. It's really cut down on the amount of swear words I use before 8am!

so yeah, I really like this product; it's good at what it does and it's user friendly to boot. The only downside is, while I do like this smell, it only comes in this and strawberry - which I think is a shame given all the amazing smells The Body Shop make - Brazil Nut anyone? At £10 for 200ml, it is also a bit pricier than other High Street scrubs, but a little does go a long way and you don't end up losing half the product as it gloops off you and ends up splattered on the wall - so that's a plus.

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