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Sunday, 4 May 2014

What Happened this Week #2

Quite a mixed bag over on the old blog this week, I started out by showing off my awesome April You Beauty Discovery Box which contains the prettiest Steam Cream ever! So far I've been really impressed with this service, but *Spoiler Alert*, I think my love affair is dwindling with them this month, stay tuned for the full saga, rant, details.

Then I talked about a recent LUSH haul which was, as far as my LUSH hauls go - relatively restrained. I bought some 'core products' and only one or two naughty pink, girly bath products - I swear!

Wednesday was the last day of April - already, if you can believe it, we're a third of the way through 2014... whhhhaaaatttt?!? - and so that only means one thing, well on a blog anyway, that's right it was time for my April favourites which definitely (finally) had a more Spring like feel to them.

Thursday saw a bit of a rant *blush* about a product I am genuinely baffled by: Balmi Lip Balms. Reading it back I was certainly on a bit of a rager, but I don't take back what I said, and I have tried the product again since and I feel exactly the same about it!

Friday saw me rename my Favourite Five series as #FridayFaves - because everything's more hip with a hashtag... right guys?.... guys? So this week, being as it's Spring and all, I showed off my favourite five energising shower products; good old exfoliators and zesty gels to perk you up in the morning.

And yesterday I ended with a NOTD post, but oh, it's a goodun' from Nails Inc; the perfect, if slightly more demure Spring shade. Honestly, cannot get enough of it. And, what's more, the sun stayed out long enough for me to be able to take photos of it outside!

Life wise, it's been a bit quieter this week and I somehow managed to score a 4 day week at work - woohoo. Savoured it, believe me, I think it'll be the last for a while!! The weather has been freaking All. Over. The. Place this week - it went from t-shirt weather one day, to me walking to work in the pouring rain, in my winter coat the next! The joys. Don't the weather know I'm itching to dig out my maxi skirts!?

I was up in Glasgow on Monday - something I love, but don't do too often. I did some shopping (sorry, I probably should have checked you were sitting down before I delivered that shocking news), so expect a haul on that soon! I also made some dinner on Thursday night for the fam; I love cooking (not that I'm an expert) but I rarely organise myself enough to have all the ingredients and remember to actually cook on a night when people are home!

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